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  1. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    this is new :) for all the 5:2 Fast Diet people.. think that's where I will stick to now until I can get into full alternative again but I'm happy with my losses atm just having the two 500 days
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  3. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    great Dee, I think we could ask for a new sub forum or 2
  4. Dawni2711

    Dawni2711 Member

    Great idea saves getting distracted with other IF routines. Thank you :)

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  5. eternity

    eternity Gold Member

    Hello everyone, I love fasting for 2 days a week and have used this method to maintain for the past 3 years - even before it was in the news etc.
    I'll look forward to joining in and geting to know you all.

    I fast on Monday and Tuesday because it suits me better.
  6. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Gold Member

    Hi - I'm just on my 2nd week of fasting on Tue and Thur. What does JUDDD stand for??
  7. joannelut

    joannelut Full Member

    Just starting the 5:2 I fasted yesterday but I am going to do Monday and Thursday usually. It felt ok yesterday so I am happy I had a lovely omlette for tea. What does everyone eat on fasting days ?

  8. Parapluies

    Parapluies Member

    Just started yesterday! Had Prawns stir-fryed with a load of green veggies & soya sauce yum! Miso soup at lunch and started the day with a poached egg and mushrooms and toms. Juddd stands for 'Johnsons up day down day' which is another fasting diet but you fast on alternate days, I tried it before but like the idea of this one much better!
  9. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Btw I didn't add this/ask I was just first to post lol!
  10. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    On my second week and second DD of the week. Its great to have a forum for just 5:2!!

    I tend to not eat until 2 or 3 pm on my DD and then just a snack and will have dinner later. Dinner today will be a fish cake at 150 cals with spinach and roast peppers and courgette. Must figure out how many cals in peppers & courgette. The whole bag of spinach is around 80 cals for 200g, and as I'll just be having a few leaves I can discount the calories!
  11. Sofartogo!

    Sofartogo! Silver Member

    I'm the same! End of my second dd of my second week! I'm crossing my fingers for a loss on the scales tomorrow!!!! :)
  12. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Oo hope it moves for you :) I've been good this week on my 500 days so hoping for a loss!
  13. kerrys86

    kerrys86 Silver Member

    Hi everyone, I started this week wed and thurs are my fast days! Can already feel less bloated!! Hoping to lose about a stone :) xx
  14. joannelut

    joannelut Full Member

    Hi kerry86. have you done your first week yet I was just wondering how you find 2 dd's together with your hunger

    Joanne x
  15. kerrys86

    kerrys86 Silver Member

    Hey Joanne,

    Yes I did wed and thurs past, I was ok on the wed, got hungry in afternoon but just plodded on through, then yesterday, wasn't too bad as k wasn't well with a bad neck and was in hospital in the morning and then spent the whole afternoon doped on tablets lol so only ate when needed to take tablets again and then it was only cracker bread, they are my lifesaver!! What about you who are you getting on?
  16. joannelut

    joannelut Full Member

    I'm not to bad at the moment, I have been doing Tuesday and Thursday But I think I am going to do a Sunday as its a better day for me. This fasting isnt as bad as it seems is it :)
  17. kerrys86

    kerrys86 Silver Member

    No it's not that bad, if you just choose the right food you can end up eating quite a lot with only a little calories.

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