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  1. Kaz901

    Kaz901 Member

    Hi i am about to start ww and i have seen a few post about the wendy plan does any one know what this is and how you do this please thanks kaz x
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    The Wendi plan is an unofficial plan can be tried if you reach a plateau to kick start your metabolism. Whether it works or not is debateable but if youre only just starting, I wouldnt consider it
  4. hbb

    hbb Thoroughly Determined

    The normal weight watchers plan is absolutely fantastic when you're starting out, and most people lose lots of weight by limiting their portion sizes through the points system. Whether you're on the (relatively) new ProPoints system where points are calculated through fibre, protein, carbohydrates and fat, or the old Discovery plan where they're worked out through calories and saturated fat you shouldn't need to do anything more than just follow your plan. Make sure you write everything down (I always use my iPhone if I'm out and about and then transfer it to a spreadsheet before bed) and always point everything, however bad you think you may have been.

    The Wendie plan, as starlight says isn't endorsed by Weight Watchers and was devised by a woman who had plateau'd at a weight and couldn't shift it. Essentially, you manipulate your metabolism to work harder by eating more and then cutting right back. If you're on the Discover plan it's as easy as shifting points around so some days have more than others. If you're on the ProPoints plan it's a lot more difficult as there are 49 weekly points to play with.

    As you're just starting WW I would urge you to dive head-first into the normal plan. Weigh, measure, write and point everything and really get into it. Maybe in a few months when losses may slow, then look at ways to speed it up again.

    hope this helped!
    ben :)
  5. tuppers

    tuppers Full Member

    Hbb has got it totally right! Give the normal plan a go and watch the results first :)

    - Tuppers
  6. Kaz901

    Kaz901 Member

    Thanks i am just going to try the ww plan if things do slow down i have always got the wendy plan the more diet tools i have the more chance of lossing this weight this time thanks kaz
  7. nicoleaimee

    nicoleaimee chunky chick :-)

    good luck!

    ww is amazing you will do fine without wendi just now :)
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