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Went in search of a six pack...found pain!

Well as a lot of you know I had a tummy tuck in June last year which didn't heal very well at all and was left with a few problems.

Anyway went back in to the N&N on Friday for some more work on it and currently laying in bed with my laptop!

This time they have sorted out the "dog ear" on the left hand side and also redone the scar down from that as it wasn't healing properly and wasn't flush.

Jo took off the bandage last night as it was rock hard with blood and itching terribly and have a nice 6 and a half inch new scar along the same line as the 19" old scar!

Really wish I had never had this done!! Went in search of an impossible dream really.

Had I realised then that I like myself whether I have a loose tummy or not then I would never have bothered with the operation, and now left with needing operations to stop the scar going funny and allow it all to heal properly.

Anyway hope to be back on my feet by the weekend but we shall see as because the scar is round the corner so much of my tummy when I turn, stretch or even breath hard it pulls in the scar and I touch the ceiling!!
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Sorry to hear you are in pain Mike - hope it soon heals and you feel much better. No hugs as I'm sure they'd hurt - but lots of good wishes.


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Aw ((((((Hugs)))))) it sounds awful. A friend of mine had one that didn't heal properly and she is left with a nasty scar that looks just as bad as the loose skin would have but another friend has just had one and it looks very tidy. I am hoping that I don't have to have it done when I get to target and I hope your story makes people think more seriously before making that decision x
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Sorry to hear that Mike - once the initial healing is over try a silicon gel to lessen the scar. They do some over the counter but you may be able to get it prescribed by your consultant or GP - save you some £££

They are meant to be really good and clinically proven

Scar treatment and prevention with silicone — Dermatix

Get well soon - its such a shame when things go awry and have to be redone causing pain and stress all over again.

Take care

Carol x


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Ouch Mike. Sounds bad :( As you say, going for the impossible dream, and had it turned out okay, you might have found that it didn't mean anything anyway. It wasn't what you were searching for after all.

Still....shame you have to go through this :(
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So sorry to hear things still aren't good for you. Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm starting to have 2nd thoughts about having a TT now, maybe I should try and live with my horrid tum.
Oh mike i'm sorry its gone so badly for you :(
I was going to have a TT when I lost the weight after my first. I've been left with such stretch marked loose skin thats only from my (you know ;)) to my belly button.
The only thing that stopped me was that I wanted more children.
I hadn't ruled it out but your experience though has actually made me think twice. I don't think I could chase around after 2 young children if it did go wrong.
Really hope you get better soon x x


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There are some great scar treatments out there. One is made by the people who make a dressing called mepliex (so ur GP can find out what it is). Its flat, and you lay it on the skin for most of the day. It reduses keloid scarring and makes other finer. You have to use it for several months. You rinse it and reapply until it doesn't stick anymore. Your gp can prescribe it, but because its expensive they might not. Its cost effective as each piece lasts so long! I think the wound has to be healed though.
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Hope you're feeling better today Mike.

Anyway, you know we all think you're pretty damn fab - six pack or no six pack ;)

I'm loving the weekly newsletter too!


ouch Mike!
So sorry that it did not work out for you and hope the pain subsides soon. i am sure in time you will have the resulkt you wanted?
When I first lost the weight, I would have done anything for a tummy tuck [and boob job lol] but I have learned to accept my body showing the scars of obesity!
I think I will keep my jelly belly x


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Hope you are feeling better Mike. x

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