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Went shopping today ....

I went grocery shopping today at Asda to stalk up for the month and just thought I would let everyone know some things I found.

WW - Soft Cheese - Onion and Chive, delicious

WW - Pasta Sauce, they had 3 different kinds, I bought all 3 but only tried the Mozzarella and Rocket so far. Very good

WW- Garlic Ciabatta Bread - havent tried yet

WW- Pita Bread and Tortilla Wraps - havent tried yet

WW- Korma Sauce and Garlic Naan Bread - havent tried yet

Asda - Good for you oven chips- Great

Asda - Good for you Meals 5 for £4.00
Big selection such as Chicken Korma, Chicken Madras, Beef Lasagne, Chicken Peri Peri, Chicken in Peppercorn Sauce, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Hot Pot

Asda- Good for you carrot cake and lemon slices

Asda - Good for you Jacket Potatos

Asda- Good for you Chicken Enchilladas - Spicy but yummy

Quorn - Peppersteak, yummy and on sale £1.00

Birds Eye - Healthy Options Spicy Chili and Wedges - sooo good

Birds Eye also does chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, beef hot pot, fish pie and cottage pie all down to £1.00

Im eating on a budget I cant work at the moment due to a work visa restriction so its only my fiancee's wage coming in and we are saving for our wedding in July so its cheap dinners for me !!
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Excellent ill give some of those a go thanks
No problem, just thought I would share. I know how hard it is trying to find food that fits in with the requirements lol


gunna be a fatty for ever
thanks will definatly try thos! x x
Yeah everything I bought was under 5g of fat per 100. The Weight Watchers Garlic Ciabatta bread is 4.0g per 100, Asda Good For you does one as well its called Petit Pain-Garlic and Herb thats only 2.7g per 100. You can find them both in the chill aisle at Asda where they sell the fresh pasta and soups.
Thanks for the list - thats fab!!! I shop at Asda too and the Dolmio pasta sauces etc are also in the 5/100 rule! They are brill for those quick meals! I will try the Garlic Ciabatta as we love them and the family have been banned from garlic bread as I cant have them LOL! Kraft Lite salad dressings are fab too!! The also fall into the 5/100 rule!!

For dinner today I had Asda Organics Spinich and Ricotta Tortellini with the Weight Watchers Pasta Sauce and Garlic Ciabatta Bread all under the 15g rule, it was so yummy and filling.
Hi babymable,

Thanks for the ideas.

I went to Asda last wk for the 1st time in ages and I had the venison grillsteaks from the fresh meat section, had 1 with salad and homemade chips, chipped potato,par bolied, cooled then sprayed with fry light and baked till crispy....was yummy.

Gonna try one on a b-b-q once the suns out again {fingers crossed};)
What I do is go on the Asda website and check out products, the majority of items have the nutritional value right on the website, I make a list before I go so it saves time I have to spend in the store, as well if you make a account with them you can add the items to the trolley and know how much your bill will be before you shop. I love it.


'this time i'll do it!'
iv just made a curry for tea using Tesco light choices Korma sauce, and im sorry to say that it was awful. i used chicken breast,mushrooms and onions and the sauce,but non of the family liked it,
i used to use Pataks but it has too much fat so now i need to find another nice flavoured one.
I bought the Weight Watchers one but havent tried it yet, will let ya know what I think of it when I do get around to trying it.
I have bought a ww one but not tried it yet...might give it a whirl tomorrow and I'll let you know.
I thought the tesco one was quite wishy washy...not much flavour.
Lol cluless hun,

Tried the WW korma curry sauce last night with chicken left from Sunday.....not bad at all...defo more flavour then the tesco light choices one!!!

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