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Wetherspoons meals

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Eating Out' started by hannahbethanylouise, 14 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. hannahbethanylouise

    hannahbethanylouise New Member


    I currently work at wetherspoons and do very long hours which often a small salad or something i have brought from home will keep me going because i need a warm meal.

    Im wanting to know if anyone knows syns of certain meals and other things on the menu and also if there are any low-syn meals?

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  3. rm247

    rm247 Well-Known Member

    the sweet chilli noodles either by themselves or with Chicken are free and contian a decent amount of superfree.

    It's what i tend to eat whenever i go to Weatherspoons.
  4. tazzyb11

    tazzyb11 Well-Known Member

    I have the sweet chilli noodles and a side salad
  5. tinks*

    tinks* Well-Known Member

    Piri piri chicken and pepper skewers with salad. I tend to syn the piri sauce 1tbl for 1 syn xx
  6. I always thought you had to syn the chicken because of the oil used in cooking it x
  7. sarahb-84

    sarahb-84 Well-Known Member

    yeah i always thought it was 10 extra syns with the chicken??
  8. Thats what ive heard Sarah, im sure i heard its 3 Syns on its own or 10 syns with chicken
  9. rm247

    rm247 Well-Known Member

    Not sure where you consultant got that from, Slimming World website has a full feature on Wetherspoons food and it lists the meal as free, with perhaps a couple of syns for the chicken version if you are worried about it being brushed with oil.
  10. Montse

    Montse Member

    They normally grill the chicken don't they?

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