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What a day I had!

Started a new computer photoshop advanced/website design college course today..

Anyway, we were told at the start that we were not allowed to have drinks near the computers...lol...can you imagine my face..I felt really worried, so put my hand up and asked 'sir'
' I really need to drink water throughout the course, is it ok if I keep my water bottle on the floor?'
'No'...he said, 'it may tip on the wires!'
'Ughh, But sir' I really need to'
'Why' he asked
Well I wasn't gonna blurt out about the diet in the classroom..
So I fibbed... I said I had a problem with my water works, that was incurable and that I need to drink as much water as possible, so I will need to drink throughout the course!

So he made me put my water bottle in the middle of the room, where there are no computers, i had to get up and down every five mins, to get a drink...
He became so mad at me... and shouted, 'Denise, please can you put your hand up, if you want to get up from your chair in the future...lol...I feel like a school kid...and I am bl**dy 40!

I have 30 weeks of this!
Wish me luck!:)
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Good luck hun! How long is the course?

Keep on sipping and blow the man!



nearly there!! :)
oh hell eventually get sick of u having to ask bet by the end of the week ul have ur water beside u haha xx


is loving the soup?!
OMG I'd have a word with him in private! That's just not on! Or sneakily hide a drink pack in your clothes with a tube going in your mouth : )
u know those hats that hold bottles and the straw comes directly to ur mouth lol


is loving the soup?!
but what if she laughs or something and it spills on the wires!

From this: :character00148: to this: :whoopass: and all because of LT!


Peace Love Happiness
He sounds like a complete tosser, I wouldn't be putting my hand up to get to my own water bottle, he needs to get over himself. And I've been working in IT for 16 years and spilt everything from coffee to coke over my machine and not much stops them. The wires are completely sealed from end to end so he is talking out of his backside. :D
lmao @ this thread! That's pretty keek KK -seriously -just finished my degree and was never spoken to like that! Have your water beside you, bugger that nonsense. Ask to get a drink! WHAT!!! He's just a bleeding jobsworth -get that water into ya girl!
I agree with the others sod him does he think you are a child unless you are an absolute clutz which I doubt it drinking water from a sports bottle should be fine
lol... at least its only one day a week I need to go!!!... and I totally intend to keep drinking, dont care how much it bugs him..lol:D :D

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