What a difference a year makes.....


The Diet Guy
Well just realised while signing an MRF upstairs that it was 12 months ago today that I decided to do the mad world of the VLCD.

I had never heard of Cambridge, SS, LighterLife, 790, Ketosis, Dulcolax or Physillium Thingies.

I thought I would give it a shot having been up to 26 stone 6 Pounds last year and kind of resigning myself to always being big mike.

So I researched the diet for a few days and I found a place called Discovery Health where all these mad people were laughing about pooing, drinking too much water, peeing, periods and other hilarious topics.

Then I started the diet !

So 12 months later I am some 13 stone lighter in total (just under 12 stone lost on the VLCD) and my life has totally changed for the better. I have maintained my weight loss now since February and am quite literally a new person.

I still will always post on here to remind me of the journey that I did but also in hope that some other "lost soul" who believes that being fat is just in their genes pops by and happens to spot a post and realise that if you drink a few soups, break your teeth on a few bars, drink water till it comes out of your backside then suddenly you can be skinny.

Bonkers diet but it works and it changes lifes!! LONG LIVE CAMBRIDGE!!!! AND LONG LIVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Mike

Wow what a difference a year makes indeed! Yours is definately one of the most inspirational stories about this diet if not THE most inspirational story I have read and that is absolutely no disrespect to anyone else because anyone that achieves a loss is inspirational in my book anyway.

It is a funny old journey that is for sure and I really hope others see your blog and your story and sign up for it, I feel like shouting the virtues of a VLCD from a megaphone some days.

Well done.
Thanks and I more than agree!!

Find me a mountain and I'll shout VLCD from the top of it (ground is pretty flat here in Norfolk!)
You inspired ME Mike!!!
Yours was the first "blog" I read when I started at the beginning of January.
This time last year, we went to Spain, and my husband had to put my flight socks on for me in the departure lounge as I could not reach my feet to put them on myself. (5'4" & nearly 22 stone)
On Monday, we are going again, and my life, like yours, is transformed. My new trousers to travel in are size 12 - need I say more?
Long live Cambridge Diet & Long Live me as well!!!!
Ann x
Happy First Anniversary Mike!!!



Happy First Anniversary Mike!

Your Inspirational!!!

Thanks Ann and Mini!

Ann you have done soooooooooooo very well! 150 out of 10 for effort.

And thanks Mini for this site!! I felt it was all starting to go a bit wrong on the other boards and you are P stepped in with this well designed site and saved the day so 150 out of 10 for you as well!

And thanks for the smiley faces!

Thanks Mike, could not do it without all of you guys on here who give of your time and sharing your personal experience in helping others achieve their dreams of being slim and healthy again.

You and Ann have walked the walk and know what it is like; first hand experience you can't beat that.

As they say, seeing is believing...

I bet a year does not seem so long now once you have reached your goal and maintaining?

Love Mini xxx
Absolute blink of an eye!

The first two weeks of the diet seemed to last months but after that is just was so bloody quick!

I know I said I enjoyed it and people think I am actually mad but I was buying smaller clothes, people were saying I was looking better by the day and I felt so much more energy, why wouldn't you enjoy it ?

Just love the diet to bits (saddo that I am !)

Well Mike you have more than proved it works and as I always say is that those who do a vlcd do look well on it and seem to look years younger than their before photos.

I think everyone I know who has done this diet has transformed their life in some way as well as their body and health.

When they say this diet is transformational it is so true.:D

Love Mini xxx
Well said everyone! :D
Ann, Mike you are amazing, and an inspiration to us all!

Mini and pierce.. truly the best forum on the net! :D I'm everso slightly addicted! :p

((hugs)) all round! :D
:) Mike, as always I love to read all yor postings about your journey and it was only after reading you blogg that I finally came to the conclusion that I dont have to always be cuddly Helen. At the end of my five weeks on the CD I have lost 2 stone, I feel 110% more energetic and no longer stuff my face with complete rubbish!
A year on for you and you have done so well first with your loss and then to maintain..I just pray I can follow in your footsteps:)
Congratulations Mike :)

I found yours and Isobel's blogs and read every single post, showed the before and after pictures to anyone who questioned me starting this diet.

You're an inspiration to so many of us, and I hope that I can look back in a years time and be as proud as you can be of the achievment of finally shedding the weight once and for all.

Kitty x
Congratulations Mike, you have done absolutely fantastic! One question, did you ever waiver, slip or nearly give up? Hang on, thats 3 questions. Oh well, I know you won't mind.
Hiya Barb

I didn't waiver or slip but saying that I did find it very hard in places. I used to love the weeks but absolutely hate the weekends and many a Sunday I could be found being a moody guy in the other room.

For me it is all about setting a target and then don't think too hard about getting there and suddenly you seem to arrive....

Anyway thanks for the thanks guys! I didn't post this post up to get people saying well done but I do appreciate it a lot and reminds me that this site is full of lovely peeps!
Oooooh Mike,

Your'e right, tis crazy isn't it, to think just a year ago how different your life was....

Your'e such an inspiration to sooo many, look how many peeps have started coz of you, and you didnt even know it! and thats just the ones who post on here and dh, imagine how many others there are out there :)

Well done YOU:p
Mike, I never fail to be astounded that you lost 12 stones in 4 or 5 months! WELL DONE, CHERUB!