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What a feel good day...

Today I met with a friend whom i have not seen since being on CD.

I met him at his place of work and firstly he walked right past me, and had to ask at reception if someone was looking for him.

When she pointed me out, he did a double take! That made me feel good!

Then he said..."OMG you look different" That made me feel good!

Then he said... "Forget that, you look amazing" - That made me feel very good...

The constant glances he stole at me when he thought I wasn't looking, made me feel extremly good...

Over all a wonderful day!

I must say this is the first time I have felt attractive in as long as I can remember!!! And I feel very good!

If only we could bottle the feelings these times bring, none of us would ever think avout straying from our diets...

It has certainly given me even more motivation to get rid of the last few stones!!

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Going for Goal!
That's great Tilly - you deserve some compliments hun because you have done so well.

You have a very pretty face sweet, so I'm pleased you are starting to feel attractive - because you are!

Who knows - maybe this 'friend' may turn into a bit more...:p You'll have to get your sexy knickers out of the closet! No excuses! ;)

Hugs x x x

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Awwwww how fab is that! Must have felt brilliant and you'll be buzzing off that for ages. So next time you feel low just think back to today and how great you felt. xxx


Stubborn tortoise
What a great confidence boost Tilly... aw!!!!

Oooo - sounds like I may have to buy a hat????? What a lovely thing to happen - and what a huge confidence boost! Well done on your amazing progress so far - you're a star!!!


Full Member
That's exactly the sort of thing people need and deserve... a bit of recognition for your Hard work & determination. Good for You!!!x
That's great Tilly-bet it feels really good:) You're doing so well-you really deserve the compliments.
Get used too it, also be prepared for people point blank ignoring you in the street, purely because they didnt recognize you, only time you can take ignorance as a compliment. :)

Badger... I really could get used to it!! and already have been ignored by a few people... funny when you see the dawn of realization hit! I think it is doubly hard for people tor ecognize me as I have also had a rad hair cut, and I also wear makeup and decent clothes now... so its not just the weightloss...

As for Rosey glow... I am still glowing and no I like the cloud 9 feeling.... am holding on to it for a while as have been sad lately!!

And Lexie... that Corset we talked about.... it might just have been to turn this particualr head!! :D Not gonna buy one till at goal though as don't want it to be too big! I had nothing to wear this morning, so the pencil skirt (the one i finally got on a few weeks ago) got sewing machine treatment and I took in an inch each side to make it a bit of a slimmer fit....
Might have a piccy later...



Going for Goal!
wit woo tilly! I love pencil skirts, they are very flattering.

Looking forward to the pics!

Hugs x x x

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