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What about your partner?

My loving husband wasn't really enthusiastic when i started CD. He saw me dieting so many times before and eventually i ended up with a binge-eating disorder and saw the scale going up and up. After searching the internet i knew CD was it and i'm already 3,5 weeks on the diet yet without cheating. I am so proud of myself and i feel my husband is too. He keeps saying that he thinks it's impossible to do this diet for such a long time i have to go (got 36 kg to loose of which already 7 were gone at the end of my second week). Although he's sceptic he gives me support in any way he can and he keeps saying that i'm doing very well and that he's proud of me.

How did/does your partner react when you started CD?

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He thought it was just plain dangerous at first.

However, over the weeks, he's seen how happy I am & how much more confidence I have. he's now fully supportive, to the extent of, when I asked him for a kiss after he's eaten a toffee crisp (or was it a double decker, can't remember now) he took a big glug of coffee to stop me.


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My Husband is behind me 100%, I don't think I could do it otherwise,
He keeps asking if i'm feeling ok, and is VERY helpful around the house (ironing as we read!)
He has also taken over all the cooking responsibilities, I guess he is keen to have the woman he married back!;)
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My hubby was concerned about the very low calories but took the time to listen to all the research I had done. He knew that I had hit rock bottom about my weight and was fully supportive. He has bought me flowers every week to say well done and keeps telling me how proud he is of me for sticking with it. Since moving up the plans he helps to prepare and cook my meals too.

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My hubby is supportive but generally does not ask me too much about it. Not sure if it's because he doesn't believe i can do it or is worried if he brings up the subject of dieting or food i will start to think about and mourn my old habits.
Anyway he has stopped ordering takeaways which were our weekend treat and now i cook everything for him. I've also discovered if i make a meal plan for the whole week i end up saving money rather than rushing out at the last minute to buy ingredients for dinner.
Oh and i seem to get some perverse pleasure out of cooking now, last week i made my xmas cake and a lovely cranberry and chesnut stuffing wrapped in bacon ready for xmas. I'm not even going to have xmas dinner but i'm really emjoying preparing now which is something that i would never normally take interest in.
My oh is supportive but he keeps forgetting im dieting and offers me things like chocolate etc and when i say um no im on a diet he says yeah but i didnt want you to think i was being rude by not offering lol


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When I first decided on CD Ithought my husband would be supportive but not join me until he saw the effects... I was astounded that he came to the first meeting with my CDC and signed up! We are now 4 1/2 weeks in and have lost a total of 53lbs already!
wow Crazyjane that's amazing!!!!


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My husband has been 100% supportive from the outset, and keeps telling me how proud he is of me :D I've also overheard him telling his mates how well I've done (plus he forewarned his grandpa, so I don't get the constant offers of cakes, biscuits and sweets when I go visiting!!).
my one has been amazing, well he knew that i have been miserable about my weight forever, and introduced me to cambridge and has been telling me i can do it... so if it wasnt for him i wouldnt even be here...
While I did LL and then CD, my OH decided to cut down too and we've both lost nearly 6.5 stone each! We're both eating now and it's great to have the support of your partner!
Mine is great I think when he looked into the diet (I started looking at LL but he found Cambridge and the price swung it) he didn't think I'd stick to it but he read lots of reviews and told me what he thought was the best one. He laughs at me when I say, do I look terribly skinny???? Am I wasting away?????? and best of all, he pays for me every week bless him. He can see me getting thinner and happier and a happy wife is worth every penny apparrently. He cooks but I like to cook for him make him feel good and to be honest I can have a good sniff if I cook.
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Mine is supportive as he knows my weight is depressing me and affecting my health.However he can't quite get his head round the "no food at all" thing-lol
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great thread.

My husband was a bit sceptical at first. He was probably fed up of me trying every diet under the sun and he was a bit worried about the cost, but he did support me as he always does.

When I lost 12lb in week one he was gobsmacked, and within a couple of weeks the change in my appearance was just amazing. He constantly tells me how proud he is of me and he went on to lose over a stone himself (not with cd though)

i came off the diet in Sept as I was worried about hairloss but I am restarting today to try and shift the last couple of stones. I am restarting at 14st 3 which is a gain of 4lb from my lightest CD weight. He is right behind me again this time.
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I am starting LighterLife in January, and my husband is 100% supportive. He is supportive of me either way. He does not care if I lose wiehgt or not, but he knows what a personal struggle it has been for me, and just how unhappy it makes me deep inside.

He did have a few concerns though. His first concern was the severity of the diet and he wanted to be sure it would not be something that would lead me to become anorexic or bullemic. I assured him I like food to much to ever become anorexic, and I also hate to vomit (who doesn't!!??) So I told him not to worry.

He is wonderful. He is the first man I have ever been with where my weight is not an issue. My first husband was the opposite (he use my weight as a weapon - I was the massive (not) size of 140 pounds and I am 5'7". He once declared he would not be nice to me until I lost weight. Those harsh words were the beginning of the end for me. I wnet from a lim 140 to needing now to lose 7 or 8 blumin stone. He really did a number on my head he did, but thats a whole other story! So I feel very lucky this time.

His other concern was that he doesn't want me to get too thin. Bless him. I cannot imagine I will ever be too thin. That would indeed be a first!! I assured him, while I intend to lose an awful lot, I will probably always be built for comfort, not speed!!
my husband is also very supportive and i keep trying to encourage the fat gimp to come on it with me but he wont ....i keep telling him il be thin and he wont be but it makes no difference !!! he tells me he can see the change in me and that i have lost the fat round my thighs .....he has been fully supportive from day one and gives me all the encouragement he can .

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