what am i allowed?


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sweetners are fine but i would still try and cut them down so that you can get rid of being used to sweet things (helps with cravings and a treat will taste all that sweeter!)

you can eat as much salad as you want, the calories involved are not worth counting. I believe you've just started to read through your book. The daily plans are just guides and are designed to save you the time of working out your actual calories in meals.

At the end of the day the RC plan is simply counting calories, reducing your calorie intake and increase your exercise. The meal plans will also take into account the GI levels of food so you won't see a baked potato in there (sweet potato yes, but not a normal one). You can always adapt the meal plans slightly if necessary and most are fairly general, but just aim to stick to the calories allowed with all your foods being under 5% fat and you should be fine.

The main job is exercise, get as much exercise in as you can and also make sure you drink the necessary water too :)


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hi sarahg31
thanks for your advice. ive been quite good at calorie counting today and yesterday. i felt good about myself last night normally on an evening id be pigging out on chocolates and anything else i can find in the house that is tasty or some times id make myself some chips and watch telly! but last night a had a couple of the caramel snack a jacks the big circle ones. i noticed the bags of snackajacks are more fat per 100g than the big circle ones.

anyhow im looking forward to monday coming and see how ive got on. although i just want to fast forward this week and get it over and done with. you know that feeling you really cant be bothered but you know you want to do it becuase for so long.

ill hopefully long on tonight and let you know how ive got on :)


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Try to keep yourself busy Millie, you'll be glad when you get on the scales next week. Do the ironing, hoover the house, sort the cupboards, anything to occupy your mind.

If you're still hungry drink water (often our brains think we're hungry when we are actually thirsty), or clean your teeth (nothing tastes the same after that).


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My husband and I have found our main issue was snacking in the evening too. I've been saving my morning snack, usually an apple, for then, and usually we'll make a cup of tea and have our snack and find the craving has gone for at least an hour after that. By which point its an hour nearer bedtime

It may not be the same as a plate of chips and giant glass of wine, but I'm hoping our bodies will appreciate the hard work we're putting in!