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What am I doing wrong?

Well I am finding it difficult to count my carbs. I have cut out all potatoes, and refined carbs like rice and pasta etc. Today I had 3 slices of bacon and a fried egg for dinner and salmon,prawns,courgette in cream and marscapone cheese sause. Also some small mushrooms with some danish blue cheese on them. I have been snaking on a few walnuts and brazil nuts, I have about 4 tea or coffees and am drinking lots of water. I have been eating olives and salami and slices of ham also.
Are you on induction? If so you should be limiting yourself to 20g of carbs a day. Are you drinking normal coffee/teas? With milk/cream? Have you read the Atkins book? If not, then you should, it explains everything to you and makes sense.
I know it makes sense and yes I do have a little milk in my teas and coffees. What I don't understand is that it says eat as much meat and veg as you like but some meats i.e sausages and all veg have carbs so how do you stick to under 20g and still eat healthily?
You can't have milk at all. Sausage yes it is meat but not exclusively. E=When it says meat it means proper meat not processed. That includes Ham and salami both of which I would expect will contain carbs. You can have them but you must count carbs. It doesn't say unlimited veg. You should stick to green leafy veg and count the carbs. Again cream you must count the carbs. Tea and coffee should be decaf. Get the book it will help
Im abit confused about the carb intake on Induction, the book says to limit the intake to two cups of salad veg and one of other veg but adding these up on the carb counter doesn't make 12-15g of carbs. The website however says you can have up to several cups of vegs to total the 12-15 but which should I do lol?
I did Lipotrim for one week and lost 7lbs in four days but it killed me socially so im trying out atkins!
LOL Em, you sound like me.

Hi ILD and MaryAnna.

Have you read the stickies at the top of this thread. Believe me you can eat plenty of greens, and you'll hear me saying often, GREEN LEAF VEGGIES>


oh and I'd ditch nuts during induction

Nuts (serving size 1/2 cup) Carbs (g)
Almonds, dried 9g
Brazil nuts 9g
Cashew nuts, dry roasted 22g
Hazelnuts (3oz) 5g
Peanuts, roasted (3oz) 10g
Pecans, dry roasted (1oz) 6g
Pistachio nuts, dry roasted 16g
Walnuts 8g

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