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what am i doing wrong?


wants to be slim

I keep looking at how much weight everyone has lost on here and just wondering why i'm not losing as much as everyone else - its not like i haven't got a lot to lose as i'm currently around 16st(started at 17st 7lbs) and want to get to 12st.

Everyone who's following it 100% seems to be losing on average 4lbs per week which would be great but as you can see my weight loss is not great since after week 2 and i'm not cheating.

week 1 - 9lbs (great)
week 2 - 6lbs (great)
week 3 - 3lbs ?
week 4 - 2lbs ?
week 5 - got my WI tomorrow and checked on my scales and only lost 1lb so far.

I have my 3 shakes everyday and i drink at least 3lts of water a day - i work fulltime and also have 3 kids so i am pretty busy. I am not hungry at all and have a really supportive family who want me to succeed but i was expecting to lose more that 1-2lbs a week. Should i start exercising? Do you think this would help ?

I have my shakes with 1 scoop of fibreclear (in each shake) at 8am - 2:30pm and around 7:30pm - could the times i have my shake make a difference ? I also only drink maybe 1 black decaf coffee with 1 sweetner a day and nothing else. I also have 1 movical sachet each week just to keep things moving.

Before starting on this diet - i used to go all day without eating anything and then when i got home I would make up for it by eating the wrong things.

I am not stopping Lipotrim as i love this diet and think its the easiest diet ive ever done in my life but just wondered if anyone had any ideas why my loss is so slow and any ideas how to increase it.

Hope you can help.

Claire x
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Eyes on the Prize!!
If you look at how much you have lost it kinda evens out.

The recommended loss is a stone a month and you are well ahead there. Don't compare yourself to everyone else (easier said than done I know cos I do it!!) we are all different. I am the same weight and height as one of my friends but she doesn't look overweight whereas I do. Its bizzare and I don't get it but It doesn't really bother me as I just want to get to a point where I am happy with me.

You're doing it right and you are losing!! xxx


Eyes on the Prize!!
Oh just one thing. You only need fibre clear once a day not in each shake xx
Hi im only just getting prepared to restarty l.t I done it a couple of years ago and lot over 5 stone but Ive through my own fault put it all back on again and more with it:( and im starting again in the morning on l.t but I used to be like you also when I started the first time are you possibly drinking to much water I remember the girl in the chemist saying it to me and not on the recored it was just that i knew her and sometimes to much is as bad as to little try stick with no more than two to three ltrs per day and see what difference if any that makes :)
Can i just ask does anyone know how i change my tickerk(ladder) as i now weight 16st 5 lb:(k


Silver Member
to change your ticker you have to click the ticker which takes you to the website. and change it there.
great thanks think I have it changed now

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Claire, you must have patience. I know that is easier said than done. We all lose weight at different rates but it will balance out to about a stone a month. The first week or two for everyone is fab as our glycogen stores are emptying and then losses settle down and will average at about a stone over every month.
You are doing everything properly. Keep up the water intake as it will keep you hydrated and keep flushing the toxins from your system.
You have already lost 20lbs in just four weeks. Your body will settle into it's own level of weightloss and you will be fine. lots of luck


wants to be slim

Thanks for the support and advise -

CrunchyFrog - I will cut my fibreclear down to once a day to see if this makes any difference - thanks

Loudie - I asked my chemist whether i was drinking too much water and she said 'No' and that I should carry on drinking 3-4lts a day

Irish molly - Thanks for the advise - I just want everything now and hate waiting for anything lol

I went to the chemist this morning and lost 2lbs again. It is TOTM and the chemist said i will hopefully have a better weight loss next week - at least i got my 1 1/2 stone off now - heading for my 2stone by the end of April now.

I am going to start exercising this week to see if that makes a difference - only 1/2hr on treadmill or swimming a couple of times a week just to get me started.

I bought a size 14 top from dorothy perkins this weekend to give me motivation to keep going - so although i don't seem to be losing a lot on the scales i can tell in my clothes that i am getting smaller as i was a size 20/22 and now i can actually fasten a couple of buttons on the size 14 shirt so i must be doing something right.

Fingers crossed for next week then.........
Claire x


Silver Member
Well done Claire. At least your losing and someone said they do say roughly a stone a month with this diet. So your better than average :) I too have been wondering about excercise! I went to the gym the first week and nearly died :( As well as that me and my sister were the only 2 fat people there, and everyone was staring at us!! So I wont be going there for a while. Have a good week :) xx


maintaining since June'09
Hiya! You're doing brilliantly!! When I was TFRing last year I never lost more than 3lbs except in the 1st week and a couple of times I only lost 1.something for no apparent reason. It was pretty soul destroying at the time but in retrospect I can see that everything evened itself out - the weight DID come off. Okay I didn't lose the stone a month other than the first month but I'm in my 50s & everything slows down (and drops down too - but that's another story ;):/:))
Truth is our bodies aren't machines, they're not that predictable. You could cut down on that fiboclear and have a huge loss only to do the same next week and get something completely different. Hang on in there it will all come right in the end. Though I totally identify with wanting things yesterday!!!!
Hindsight is the only perfect science but stick with it and you'll soon be able to enjoy it ;) xx
Claire, you have done brilliantly so far. Are you really unhappy at losting over 1 stone and a half in just 5 weeks?
Try not to compare your losses to everyone else's, as we all lose at different rates, but you will get there in the end!

Keep up the good work!

Clair x


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It could have something to do with the fibre clear - I'm pretty sure it slowed my weight loss last week and I only had it once a day. I know I have lost more this week already but I haven't used the fibre clear this week! Of course this could just be a coincidence. Official WI is Thursday morning!

Truth is we are all different and our bodies act in different ways so maybe your weekly loss is the best one for you.
Hey Claz,

look at my figures below, I started off low compared to some on here and was worried specially after week 2 but after a while I became happy with my 3 a week, it really does even out to around a stone a month.

oh and I used to weight myself midweek too, one week the scales said I was up 2 on the week before but I was still down 3.

last week I had my second best week at week 4. Try not to worry.


wants to be slim
thanks everyone - I think i got my head round it a bit now and the fact is " I AM LOSING WEIGHT" - so thats the main thing andi'm sticking to it which is more than i have done on any other diet. I've stopped taking the fibreclear ... so Roll on next weeks wi... i just know its going to be a good one - but if its just 2lbs again then its 2lb closer to the slimmer me !!

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