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what am I doing wrong??


Nearly there...
I see other womens losses at roughly the same weight and height and I'm nowhere near? Been on ss+ and not veered off plan once. I've had a few senna on a couple of days but weighed today, 2 days ahead of wi and lost a 1lb. Getting disheartened already and had high hopes...:(
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That's quite a low start weight and it's totally unpredictable once you're under a BMI of 30. You will average 2.5 - 3lbs a week depending on your SS+ calorie intake but you need to put the weeks in to up your average. I'd say you're losing about right I'd be pleased with those losses at that BMI - that first week loss might seem a little low in comparison to some 10-13lb losses, but you might not had had as much carby crap to get rid of as someone else!

There are people on here who started at my weight and height who are 5-8lbs ahead of me. There always are. And some of them don't exercise, some of them nibble, some of them do Body Pump 4 times a week. You have no idea what people are actually doing, what their metabolism might be generally like or anything other than what they tell you on here - so it's not a precise science. You're doing really well - much better than not being on the plan!


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Hi Sarah (my name too!) thanks for replying, I think it could also be that when I started LL 2 years ago it dropped off. Quickly!! I am going to keep at it, but can't tell if I am doing it right (other than not eating all of the things I am craving!!). I will see what the CDC scales say on Weds and take it from there I think. I'm finding it ok to go ahead with and do plan on having a day off at the end of June, but having said that, I will have to have lost 14lbs to actually do that - otherwise I'll keep plodding on!! Thanks again, it's nice to have some support xxx
Hi Sarah,

I understand exactly what you are going through! I had a low first week, and am due for my second weigh in today and I am almost 100% sure I haven't lost a thing. I've checked my scales and they haven't budged all week. I feel like I'm doing things right, as i'm not eating, but for some reason, I don't think I am as I am not losing... I will as you, keep at it, as I think it must be impossible to not lose weight on this diet, as you aren't eating but it does get me down and I can definately understand where you are coming from. I sometimes think, what is the point? But let's keep at it, and see where it takes us! Sorry, that was a bit long!! Good luck!!


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Hi lm8su, we seem to have similar start weights/goals so it'll be interesting to see, won't it?! I'm SS+ and apparently there's very little difference in the SS/SS+ so short of what I/we're doing there's nothing more we can do but keep our chins up! What day is your WI?
Sarah x
are u definatly drinking enough water? they say 2ltrs minimum but i founds before that the weeks i had been drinking 3-4ltrs a day (water, flavored water and tea) my loss was always higher 1-2lbs!! worth a try?? Best of luck xx


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Hiya, thanks for the advice - I average 4-5l daily hun x


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Sauce - why've you got a confused smiley next to the 3lbs loss in your signature? That's a really good loss even when you've got several stones to lose!

Anyway - never mind that for now. The one pound loss (sometimes even no loss) in week 3 is quite common. It always annoys me a bit that CWPCs don't tell their clients that it is! It's just water retention masking the fat loss. If you stick to the plan, you'll be losing the same amount of fat (give or take) every week. It just doesn't show up at the scales because scales are stupid and can't tell the difference between fat and water. There will be weeks where you only lose a pound - there may even be weeks where you lose nothing - but they're nearly always followed by weeks where you have a great loss. Weight loss isn't linear - it doesn't come off in neat little chunks, unfortunately. But it all balances out in the end.

Look at the positive, hun - you've lost 10lbs in 3 weeks. That's an average of more than 3 pounds a week! Considering you haven't got loads to lose, that's a brilliant rate of loss. :happy096:

So give yourself a well-earned pat on the back and trust in the plan. The weight will come off, I promise! :hug99:


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Hi Lily, the face is cos on ll lite in my first 2wks I lost 11lbs at same start weight. And I'm impatient and want everything yesterday....! I hadn't realised that its my totm and this has made me mardy, bloated and a bit fuller round the belly... so, I don't expect tmws wi to be astounding, I'm going to ignore it and see what wk 4 brings. I'm really glad that you know ur stuff, its reassuring when impatient people like me worry that its going wrong despite knowing I'm doing as well as I can and not deviating at all. I reckon I will calm down, let my totm come and go, carry on with 5litres and see where I am after I've been on plan for a month. Once again, thanks so much to those who have taken an interest in me and my post.... sauce xx
I'm on SS and can honestly say have stuck to it 100%. My third week and I've lost 3lb - also a little disappointed - until my cdc showed me what 1lb of fat looked like (she has that rubber example....yuck!) and I'm quite impressed - it looks like a lot to lose! Keep at it and keep drinking the water! I can't believe i've dropped 1 stone in 3 weeks!!


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Well done Evs, as you say - 1lb is a lot really - it's hard not to compare losses with others though :D
But keep it up - a stone is fab! x


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Sauce, I understand the frustration. I dropped massive numbers in my first weeks of LL, but haven't done that with CD. That said, two big things have changed - I haven't been having a lot of carbs so have less of that to lose (unlike b4 LL), and now I have severe PCOS, which has totally slowed how much I lose.

The frustration can be hard to take. I'm trying to tell myself that it all adds up, etc, but when you have 102 pounds to go, sometimes the brain doesn't listen!

I have made the conscious choice to see the awesome losses of others as an inspiration. Occasionally I have to go and scream into a pillow, but then I'm fine :)


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Hi Sarah, I started off comparing my losses & was dissapointed my first 2 weeks, ITA with Lily & the other Sarah, everyone is different and no 2 people's losses will be the same even if they are the same starting weight & height.

I haven't quite lost the average 2 stone in 2 months that others do, but am I bothered? Am I heck! I feel amazing!

It's coming off quicker than it ever did with WW/SW & that'll do for me! :D

It's not getting to the finish line, it's the journey & every pound will add up to make a difference to how you look and feel.

Good luck hon, trust in it & it will happen! ;)


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Thanks hun, WI at half 2 today so will see what happens, fingers crossed it's at least a 1lb considering I'm TOTM.
Hey! Yeah it would be great to see how we get on! Be good to have someone in the same boat!! My WI's are on Tuesday's so I had one last night, and lost 3 pounds. For a 2/3rd week, not great but what can you do. Just have to keep up with it, and remember a little weight loss is better than no weight loss!!! Good luck for your WI in a bit! Let us know how you get on!!!!:D:D:D


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Just came out... 3lbs!! And totm! Pleased :D xx


Nearly there...
Yep. Time to stop worrying....! Thanks for ur support guys, it makes things that bit easier xx

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