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what am i doing wrong!

Hello everyone,
i'm really depressed. i'm on day 9 i weigh myself every morning. i lost 10lbs in 5 days of attack which is brilliant, but since starting cruise i seem to put 1lbs on then loose that 1lbs every other day. i'm not moving past the 10lbs loss. i'm gutted!! i'm rigidly sticking to the plan. the book suggests i should be loosing 3-4lbs a week help!!
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Congratulations on losing so much in attack.

A small amount of slowing is normal when you shift to cruise - and you have only had 3 days of cruise.

If this coincides with other events (like TOTM) this might look like a stall, even if it isn't, so hang on in there.

Do you post your menus on the menu thread? Without knowing what you eat it's hard to say whether you are doing something (if anything) wrong.
I had a quick peek, and don't see obvious problems.
Do you eat your oatbran everyday (It wasn't clear)

3 days, particularly in the move from attack to cruise is far too soon to be worrying that you've done something wrong - some people actually gain in the first few days, you are just teetering on the brink of the next loss.

Hang on in there - let your body adjust and get used to the fact that most dukan loss is not constant, day in day out, but follows the bigger cycles of your own body over the weeks.
Hi Sharon! Can't help feeling super jealous! I am on week 9 and only lost 7 pounds! Weight loss is very slow for me! Well done on your nine pounds! Hang on in there and appreciate what you have lost so far! If you were on ww it would take at least 4 weeks for you to loose that!

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