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what am i doing wrong?


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help! please!
i have just moved off 810 CD onto SW and have been doing it for 5 days now, slowly getting my head around it, but no loses at all!!
could you please tell me what is wrong heres a typical day
2 weetabix, milk and 2 tsp (2 syn) sugar
2 slices brown bread, 2 EL cheese slices.
fruit as snacks (pears, bananas, strawberries, satsumas, apples, whatever the kids have left me in the fruit bowl:rolleyes:
dinner - quorn sauages (or whatever form it comes in, with a portion of either pasta or potatoes, muller light for pud, with more fruit.
syns have been used on kitkats and choc - i have not gone above 9 per day- as advised by SW counciller.
im a bit dissapointed to be honest, i ve been really good, and as im still working out have followed to the letter my options, it is TOTM so maybe thats having an effect, but not even 1/2 lb!!
will it take a few weeks for my body to get used to eating food again? am i not eating enough? i dont want my stomach to expand by eating too much, dont know whats wrong, help!!
sorry its been long, i should add i have some severe food allergies one is to artificial sweetner (i can eat it in foods, but not in the powder form, hence why im sacrificing 2 syn for sugar for bfast!
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HI! Now the first thing to do is not panic! You have been on what I would consider to be a starvation diet, and your poor body doesn't know where it is! It will be hanging on to all it's reserves for dear life! So I wouldn't expect the scales to shift straight away. Bear in mind you now have food going thro your system which will weigh, and because you eat carbs on this diet you don't get a massive water loss (but you will feel full) especially as you have swapped one diet for a healthy eating plan (get me!I sound as if I know all about it!:eek:) But the point is that you have come from a very restricted intake yes I know it has all the nutrients, but it's not normal. With SW nobody needs to know you're doing it as it uses everyday foods in the correct quantities, and you will probably eat more than you ever have. It's healthy and it works, but you won't get your head round it in a couple of weeks.It's important to plan. Are you going to class? That does make things easier, but there are loads of wonderful folk on here to guide you. Is that a green day?
Weetabix I don't eat, so I'm not sure , are your slices of bread from a small loaf?The cheese slices would be a HEB A. You don't seem to have much in the way of veg is the only thing that stands out , but it's early days and as I have been on EE I'm probably not the best person to advise you. Someone will be along in a while and you'll get plenty of good advice, good luck.


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As said above, coming from 810 cal to SW is not going to give you immediate losses. Infact you may may even gain...but DON'T PANIC..they won't be fat gains, just water!
Also, you won't necessarily lose weight daily on SW like you do on CD. Even though I weigh daily, my weight fluctuates every day and its only after a week do any losses show, (hopefully, if I've been an absolute angel!) which is why we should only weigh once week!!
Stick at it, it works as you can see by others on here!

Good Luck


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Don't panic! We all have times when the scales don't agree with what we feel we deserve - last week I unofficially stepped on the scales the day before weigh day (SUNDAY) and had lost 3 lbs - I was delighted - BUT when I went on OFFICIALLY the next day I had maintained - I was gutted!!!
Sometimes our body just does things to annoy us - easier said than done but I suggest you give yourself a couple more weeks to see what happens as you were on a restrictive diet compared to SW before this - I have noticed starting hitches when converting from calorie counting to SW in the first few weeks.
Good luck and my new lesson learnt - is don't get on the scales before your official time.

Good Luck - you can do this! Give yourself time...

Your body needs a bit of time to adjust from CD to SW, just be patient, it may take a few weeks (which I understand is frustrating for you) but the losses will start to show, promise!! Your typical day meal sounds fine by the way
the best advice i can give you is to only weigh yourself once a week! if you have to throw away your scales!! You arent meant to weigh yourself everyday, it leads to an obsession. Please try to only weigh in once a week and you will feel much better, honestly!


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thanks guys, yes i am a obsessive weigher, lasting so long is impressive for me!
i eat loads of veg, they are my weekness, carrot sticks and cucumber as snacks, and loads of veg (particularly leeks:rolleyes:) with meals, i must be getting through 20 portions of fruit and veg a day!!!
thanks for the advice, yes, i have been doing a very low cal diet, and of course my body will need time, im just desperate to lose it before we go on hols in 10 weeks, i was hoping for 2lb a week (which i think is reasonble..)
never mind, better healthy and slow.


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Personally, since you've already lost a fair bit of weight already (and judging by my group's average losses), I'd say that 2 lb a week is possibly on the optimistic side of things. Not saying that you can't do it, but don't pin all your hopes up (or up it to 3lb a week if this week doesn't work out)...

Good luck for your journey, and please let us know if you have any questions!
the best advice i can give you is to only weigh yourself once a week! if you have to throw away your scales!! You arent meant to weigh yourself everyday, it leads to an obsession. Please try to only weigh in once a week and you will feel much better, honestly!
I am totally guilty of this... I weigh myself every single morning without fail....I DO have an obsession.... I simply cannot help myself... I cant stop..... HELP

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