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what am i doing


please try again
had my weigh in today, first in a fortnight and ive gain 1lb ( well probebly was a sts since i turned up today in 2 pairs of trousers and an alsortment of extra clothing )

what the frig am i doing. my heads been all over the place and ive not been sticking to plan

i need to get back on the straight and narrow and head back down the stones.

so this week i shall be trying extra hard to ignore that voice and am going to dig out my salsa dvd and do that of a morning insted of sitting on my gigantic bottom
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Hey there lovely..you have done a brilliant job so far and you have a stressful time recently with your Daughter. Don't be too hard on yourself this is only a blip. The salsa dvd is a good idea and just take it one day at a time - remember we're here xx
Hi hun,

I'm on a restart so have only been back to the Cambridge board this last week.

I just wanted to say firstly how fab you're doing with the diet, and secondly, I wonder if you're starting to be alot happier with you're shape/size and therefore it's not so urgent and desperate to lose the weight. This happened to me when I'd lost the first 5 stones and I really struggled to shift the next few. For me it's all about the head and telling myself over and over how much I need this and imagining me dressed in that sexy little dress :D

I hope you manage to get back in the 'zone' soon.



please try again
sadly im not happier with myself in the slightest, i feel fatter than ever

i take pictures of myself for my ex fairly frequently ( i know its odd ) and i feel like the fattest woman in the world when i take them, i hate every single one of them ( he likes them but then hes crazy )
Hi Claire,

I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Is it that you can't see yourself getting smaller or just that you're not happy with the size you are currently?

I have been bigger and then smaller but have never felt 'happy' with the way I look. I think my issue is the loose skin which will never go away (surgery isn't an option as I can't afford it). My partner tells me how good I look but all I see is cellulite and the loose skin hanging.

Sorry I don't think I'm helping at all, but just want you to know you're not alone in your thinking and perhaps if we can take the compliments we receive we'd be happier people :)


please try again
oh the loose skins a killer isnt it, the more i lose the more the skin flops about, the issues with me i know. i look in the mirror and i just dont see a difference, i look down at my double stomach and think it looks bigger than it did when i started. i know that cant be the case but thats how it seems

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