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What am i going to do?!?!


I will do this!!!
So iv got 5 shakes left and i was promised some money would be in my bank at the latest yesterday so i could buy my shakes in plenty of time but.......suprise suprise the bank has messed up and my money wont be in there for a few more days!!!! ahhhhhh what can i do?? the last thing i want to do is eat and im actually really upset about it. What would others do?
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Unless you know someone who does the diet that you could borrow some packs from then you could follow an atkins style of eating until you can get your packs. Atkins is also a diet that is based on being in ketosis so you wont mess things up.


I will do this!!!
yeah i got the order a few months back and tried a few times to get back on it and kept failing so i only had 3 weeks left. I lost my job 4 weeks ago so money is tight but i was promised the money would be there and its not. Im so upset!


I will do this!!!
iv got some optislim shakes but they have to be taken with food as they're not a TFR. Would they help?


I will do this!!!
oh i dont want that! so what should i do have a shake for breakfast then eat some chicken or meat?


I will do this!!!
could someone give me a few recipes that i could eat to stay in ketosis? sti fry? steak and veg? salmon etc im desperate!!


I will do this!!!
so can i have things like creme fraiche and lemon juice etc i look at a recipe but dont have a clue if i can have it or not! iv looked at the recipe section but theres not alot on there.
no lemon juice!!!! will defo kick you out of keto...just stick to mainly protein and green veg..its only a few days to get through isnt it..i would defo do a shake and a tesco/asda bar everyday with it...sound advice from star as a temp stop gap till ya can get ya packs x x good luck xx


I will do this!!!
thanks. Are there any bars from sainsburys??


I will do this!!!
what are the tesco bars called?
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Have you checked out the recipe section? I know having 2 packs a day isnt recommended but I think if it was me Id have a shake, a bar and about 600kcals of food.... more like WS
This sounds like a good option. The tesco ones are called ultra slim, they come in boxes of 3 and are pretty nice and filling :)


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You are looking for The Biggest Loser Breakfast Bar (not the snack one!) or ultra slim bars :)

"Here's a partial list of just some of the foods that can be consumed on a ketogenic diet. I'll start with the '100% safe foods', the ones that shouldn't throw you out of ketosis due to having either no carbs, or trace amounts of carbs. Next I'll go to 'questionable' foods, such as hotdogs, where you must check the carb content on the package, because some hotdogs have only 1 gram of carbs per hotdog, some have seven. I'm also including a list of higher carb content foods, that can be eaten in VERY limited quantities. Finally I give a list of foods that shouldn't be eaten on a ketodiet at all. (Note: I've tried to list every food I know, in any form, so there will be some redundancy. Foods marked with an '*' are considered healthy, we highly recommend eating them as much as possible while staying under your carb limit and staying in ketosis!)
Safe Foods (No Carbs/Trace Carbs)

Beef, Steak, Hamburger, Prime Rib, Filet Mignon, Roast Beef, Chicken*, Duck, Any Fish*, Tuna*, Salmon*, Trout*, Halibut*, Lamb, Pork, Bacon, Ham, Eggs, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Butter, Oils (Olive Oil*, Flaxseed oil*, etc.), Mustard, Salt, Pepper, Soy Sauce, Tea, Coffee, Heavy Cream and Nutrasweet/Equal.
Minimal Carb Foods (Limited Quantities Only, Check Carb Content!)

Broccoli*, Spinach*, Lettuce*, Cabbage*, Bok Choy*, Kale*, Asparagus*, Mustard Greens*, Mushrooms*, Cucumbers*, Pickles*, Olives*, Celery*, Green Beans*, Brussel Sprouts*, Cauliflower*, Artichokes*, Peppers* (Red, Green, Jalapeno, Habanero), Onions*, Nuts, Flaxseeds*, Cheeses, Salami, Pastrami, Hot Dogs, Sausages, Ribs (watch out for the sauce!), Buffalo Wings, Liverwurst, Oysters, Abalone, Protein Powders, Sugar Free Jello, Salad Dressings (some), some Wines.
Higher Carb Foods (Very Limited Quantities!)

Grapefruit*, Lemons*, Limes*, Strawberries*, Olives*, Rasberries*, Blackberries*, Kiwis*, and Half-N-Half.
Foods that are NOT appropriate.

Beer, Mixed drinks, Bread, Milk, Pasta, Grains, Cereal, Rice, Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, Peas, Candy, Cake, Cheesecake, Donuts, Fruit Juices, High Carb Fruits (Apricots, Banannas, Peaches, Nectarines, etc.), Pastries, Non-Diet Soft Drinks, Rolls, Bagels, Popcorn, Battered Foods (Fried Chicken, etc.), Gravy, Honey, Sugar, and Corn Syrup."

I hope that helps pizzle84 and good luck!
you can do it!!! :)


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Ultra Slim Meal replacement bars :)


I can do this..
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Thankyou for the list of foods, this is very helpful to all of us I'm sure...:thankyou:


I will do this!!!
i brought some ulta slim bars and oh my god they are........horrible!!! one bite and thats all i could eat without urging. Luckily my parents came to my resue and lent me the money for my bumper pack (thankyou!!!!) so just need to make my last 4 shakes last till my pack arrives on thursday.

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