What are Tetrapaks??


Hi all, :)

Could anyone tell me what the Tetra Paks are please? :confused:
i have heard about them but not actually sure when you can have them?, what they are? can you have them on Sole Source? etc etc

any information would be great.................. :D

Tetra packs are basically little cartons of ready made shakes nad come in two flavours. Chocolate & Banana.

They are quite small so you'd need to drink a lot of water with them - they are also quite thick.

They're really handy to have if your out and about during a meal-time.

I'm been taking mine to University with me to have at lunchtime
Ohhhhhh thanks all, iv actually had those on CD but i didnt know they were referred to as that, whoooopppppsssss
they are very nice and very easy for when on the move,

thanks again.....:D
thats a really good idea, i havent tried things like this yet while on the CD, really must start experimenting :)
ill give that a go while im on holiday next week, ............... yes im going on holiday and taking the CD with me, :D im so trying to not let anything stop me reaching my goal. i will succeeddddddd :p
thanks for that...........
best of luck with that tina....i remember when I was looking into LL the counsellor told me not to start til after sept cos I would be on hols for 3 weeks....but so many people have managed to ss while away that i dont see any reason why it cant be done!! good luck and enjoy!