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What are the losses like on slimming world?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by DiamondPrincess, 8 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. DiamondPrincess

    DiamondPrincess Full Member

    I'm thinking about joining and I wanted to find out the losses.:)
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  3. kissme

    kissme Gold Member

    Well ,it varies person to person, week to week and depends on what works for you. I used to go to WW but find SW fits in much easier with my busy lifestyle :D
  4. kissme

    kissme Gold Member

    i lost 4lb my first week :D but only expect to lose 2lb per week to do it gradually, healthily and to keep it off
  5. sassie

    sassie Full Member

    I lost 3lbs on my first week and there were people in my group who lost anything from 1lb to 7 1/2lbs!
  6. soccermom

    soccermom I AM A WEMITT x

    I lost 7lb first week, 2 lb second week and third weigh in is tonight so fingers crossed :D
  7. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    Indeed it does vary from person to person. SW says the average is between one and two pounds a week. Some people lose a lot more, depending on metabolisms and how much they need to lose.
    I am a slow(ish) loser but I am more than happy with my weight loss.
    One thing to remember, though, SW is not a diet, but a healthy way of eating for life.
    It easily fits into daily life with minimum restrictions. It is not, however, one of those lose weight fast diets, where you gain the weight loss really quickly as soon as you eat normally.
  8. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    I lost 12.5 lbs in 5 weeks, doing extra easy. Would have been more if i hadnt gone to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet!
  9. kissme

    kissme Gold Member

    I used to love them!!!!
  10. kissme

    kissme Gold Member

    Very true!! i never thought it could slip into my current life so easily!! its no effort which is what i like!!
  11. TeresaTT

    TeresaTT Full Member

    You can see my weight losses on my chart below. As you can see they are slow but steady with the odd gain here or there. However, I don't really feel like I'm on a diet as I don't go hungry and I thoroughly enjoy everything that I eat. I might be able to speed up things by not saving syns for alcohol at the weekend, but I don't want to give that up.

    However, that slow and steady loss has added up to nearly 2.5 stone and I feel really great. I've got another 1.5 stone to lose and I know that I will do it. I've never succeeded at dieting before because I've always ended up miserable. With SW I'm still really happy after nine months on it and looking forward to all the new recipes I still have to try.
  12. scouzer

    scouzer Want to do it this time!!

    It really does depend on the person hun. I lost 3.5 in my first week. I'm now 9 weeks in and I've lost 24.5 pounds! It feels amazing. Such fexibility, never deprived an still losing weight. Join in. Even if you don't start classes just yet, get tips and advic from the forum. You can do it by yourself for a bit and see how it goes!!

    Goodluck with whatever you decide.

    Scouzer. X
  13. Hayleyj123

    Hayleyj123 Wannabe Loser

    It does vary from person to person! I joined on 1st Oct and have lost 7.5lb but that is my own fault. Messing about each week and not going to weigh in for 2 whole weeks and then finding I had gained over a pound. My friend how ever joined 3 weeks ago and lost 7.5lb in her first week and 5.5lb in her second week!!
  14. Brightonrosie

    Brightonrosie I want to be fitter again

    The more you have to lose the easier it seems to be. My weight is shifting really slowly now(roughly 1-2 lb each month) but when I started it was more like 4lbs each month. Even though the weight loss for me is slow my shape is still changing and I continue to need new smaller clothes. i would recommend you give it a go. what have you got to lose other than unwanted pounds Good luck
  15. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    I lost 5.5lb on my first week last week which was a shock to be honest. I'll be happy with 0.5 - 2lb a week from now on.
  16. slinkydreams

    slinkydreams Full Member

    I agree that the more you need to lose, the quicker you will lose it. I have lost 3st in 14 weeks, but I have a lot to lose.....

    I tend to find that following red days achieves bigger losses, but that could be just me, as everyone is different.

    Good Luck
  17. Loopeylou

    Loopeylou Gold Member

    I lost 11 in first week then gained 1/2 as we went away but lost it again last week. I have followed Original this week with one Green day mixed in so looking forward to see if I have a loss this week...fingers crossed.
    Everyone is different but as long as the losses stay off and are consistant we will all reach our goals. Remember 1 lb a week is nearly 4 stone in a year!

  18. *Cherry On Top*

    *Cherry On Top* Full Member

    sw is not one of the diets where u lose loads at great speed, because its normal food, eating plenty and living a normal life. Took me a while to get my head around losing only a lb a week and being content with that but now i have i seem to lose 1-2b a week and eat loads. much ebtter for me than eating nothing, drink vile shakes and losing fast, only to learn nothing at the end and pile it back on. doh!
  19. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it

    I have lost an average of 1lb a week since starting, but it all adds up!
  20. DiamondPrincess

    DiamondPrincess Full Member

    Everyones done so well. :)
  21. sarahm85

    sarahm85 Silver Member

    I lost 4lbs in my first week, then after that it's been 1-2lbs a week, with a couple of 3lbs here and there. 1lb might not seem a lot, but google '1lb of fat' on their images - it still shocks me now!

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