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what are the shakes like as mousses?

I once tried the chocolate shake as a mousse, and I could only just finish it tbh, really hated it, was far too... er... sweet I guess, but I know people enjoy/love them, so I guess you'd just have to find out for yourself :D

But my personal feelings towards them are not good! lol


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hey i dont like em like that but my mum did. think its a matter of personal preference hun. x
I made a strawberry shake into one the other day and I thought it was awful. The flavour was just too overwhelming so I diluted it more and had it as a shake instead!


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I think Mousse is misleading. Splodge is more like it. I got very excited in my first week and tried it as a mousse and couldn't eat it. Bleugh. Tasted like curdled medicine!

So I'm not a fan. Not that you could tell eh!
personally i love them !

xx Cathy xx

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If I do a "mousse" I don't have it thick, I have it more like runny custard. Then you can still eat it with a spoon and its not as sickly sweet. Too thick it tastes like cake mix and makes me feel ill but each to their own, try it you might like it and if not dilute it x
I always have choc mousse as my treat at 8pm every evening as i have two choc shakes in the day.I personally love it as I do make it very thick like cake mix. I feel really full and satisfied then. I like it as a treat.

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
You can if you want but they're sweet enough as it is as mousse/custard, almost sickly but depends on your taste x

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