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What are we eating today?

I thought a general thread on daily eating may help some of us. Please remember when I post that I'm on Maint though.

B: left over casserole from last night.

L: I'll be off to the Café as usual. (I had a Lamb Leg Steak and salad)

D: Pork Chops with cabbage and leek mix and cauliflower cheese.
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I'm having Chicken, leeks and cream with broccoli for dinner! Yum.
Yummy sounding to me. I am using that cabbage/leek mix from tesco, I quite like it.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Breakfast: I had scrambled eggs and toulouse sausages.

Lunch: I had chicken bacon and avocado salad.

Dinner: I'll be having Pork Chops, Cheesy Leeks and Mashed Cauliflower :)


Going to do this......
that all sounds lovely................so why did i have lasagne!!!! paying for it now tho.I am
Gutted why oh why did i do it.
My own fault for bragging that i am pink....give me a couple of days and i will be BRAGGING again lol
I don't have much time to muck about, so today I had 3 scrambled eggs for brekky, 2 chicken breasts with green salad and mayo for lunch, then egg foo yung from the Chinese for tea. I hope that it was all ok for induction!
Iv had srambled eggs for brekky, lunch prawn salad and dinner was chickn breast stuffed with mushroom and cheese with garlic butter on a bed of green salad, delicious.
why do everyones menus sound delicious and mine are boring!?!
Brekkie - ended up having a CD chocolate velvet shake as I was busy and out and about.

Lunch - scrambled egg with onion & cheese

Tea - 2 pork chops with sprouts and cabbage cooked in butter.

See B O R I N G!


Wannabe Lean!!!
Its not boring mate, you just need to find something to jazz it up a bit if its starting to feel bland to you, how about a sauce or something to go over your veggies rather than just buttery? I could eat pork chops til they come out my ears LOL
Good morning

Jools it's all about preparation and planning, I generally plan what I'm eating tomorrow the evening before.

Supergran, ah now I understand the ref on the other thread. :)

B: Porridge and black and blue berries.

L: I'll be off to the Café as usual.

D: Lamb curry, I got the diced lamb out of the freezer this morning. I have a great recipe that a girl gave me, it's fantastic.

Here it is.

Finely chop half an onion and fry in extra virgin olive oil until brown.
Add salt to taste
Add 4 cloves of garlic and about inch root ginger finely chopped.
Add about teasp of cumin seeds
Add 2-3 green chillies finely chopped (add more or less to get the right heat!)
Chop two fresh tomatoes and add and fry untill cooked.
Add 1lb cubed raw Lamb and fry until cooked.
Now add just enough water to cover and simmer for 20 mins.
Then uncover and reduce liquid (boil rapidly) until it is the consistency you like.
Add half a teasp of garam masala
sprinkle with a generous ammount of fresh corriander.
Jim the lamb curry sounds delish ... is that suitable for induction would you say?

I think Ive got myself into this rut where Im not 100% sure on cream and cooking it! Doesn't seem right as cream is for desert! Still I am gonna get some and try the mushroom sauce.

Todays menus for me ..

Brekkie - scrambled eggs with onions

Lunch - tuna & mayo with cucumber

Tea - chicken breast with the usual veggies!

Morning people! Im another 1lb down today, i simply cant believe it! Anyways for breakfast iv just enjoyed a cheese and mushroom omlette, lunch is gona be chicken salad and dinner is gona be more chicken again!!! Think il try and create some sort of sauce to go with it!

my carb counter says that a cup of chopped onion is 8.71 carbs which is about half of a large onion at a guess, but as your having this with a lb of meat your not going to eat all that in one go are you, I'd say 4 carbs as a rough guide.
I might start a recipe thread, I've got loads of them at home.
I used double cream jools 3-4 tablespoons was enough for me! It was delicious and Im gona do it again for sat nights meal, i think the main prob for me is im not daring enough!!! Iv never ever made my own sauces so for me its a leap into the unknown!

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