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What are you eating today??

I saw this post on the atkins thread and thought it would be fun to know what everyones eating and how their meals went.
Afterall, sharing is caring!

Breakfast- 4 thin grilled frankfurters, 2 cold hardboiled eggs, 4 slices salami, a few small chunks of cheddar
Dinner- 3 cold leftover franks from this morning and a boiled egg (couldn't be bothered doing anything else!)
Tea - chilli and cheese with a cucumber salad

No snacks today, feeling very full, having a much better day than yesterday!
Nearly 3ltrs water so far :)
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hi shell! I'll join you in this... might help me keep track as i'm not doing a fitday log!

B - 2 rashers organic bacon, 3 egg-omlette type thing (it all stuck to the pan:(), scoop of philedelphia

L- 3 slices turkey breast, baby spinach leaves, cucumber, celery, dollop of philly.

D - magical mystery today - after 2 crappy days at work (i'm including this one cuz i can tell it's gonna be one already!) - I've sent the fella a text ordering (tehe) him to buy my flowers, dress up night and book us a table somewhere!


This is really the time!
Good idea :)

mine is:
Breakfast: thin pork steak and two poached eggs.

Lunch: peri peri chicken and salad

Dinner: Grilled lamb and veg.

Not sure if I will put anything else in yet :)
Breakfast - Low carb Sausages and mushrooms in cream sauce.

Lunch - Ham omlette with a smudge of philidelphia

Dinner - home made mini cheeseburgers - from Shello86 suggestion... and salad.

Snacks - 2 mini babybel and a mini pepperami


This is really the time!
I ended up eating more protein than I planned yesterday...but it was great!!:)lol

Breakfast: 2 bacon, 2 poached eggs, a little grated cheese.

Lunch: 2 grilled pork steaks, courgette (shredded, partially stir fried then grilled), a little grated cheese.

Snack: 1/2 bag of pork scratchings and a grilled small beef burger.

I have also had a couple of decaf coffees made with a little cream. I feel stuffed now. Will have to see if my tummy wants dinner later lol

Planned Dinner: Sirloin steak, creamy mushroom sauce and spinach beet. (no doubt a little bit of grated cheese lol)

I have been tracking what I eat on an online tracker. I wanted to keep track of the carbs. It is amazing how, on a low carb diet, you naturally seem to consume not many calories. I am not calorie counting, but it comes up on the tracker. It shows just why these plans work so well :)
What tracker are you using Sophs??? I think I should probably start tracking.


This is really the time!
fitday Angel :)

It is pretty good.
hi all, sorry have been awol this weekend, worked a lot!

breakfast-2 fried eggs, 2 bacon rashers, 1 sausage
dinner-lettuce, cucumber, green pepper salad with 2 cold sausages
tea-lovely gammon and egg, maybe brocolli or a tomato salad, undecided on it atm!

wow everyone's food looks soooooooo yum! think i'll get myself sorted on a tracker also, good call fluffs!
:) x


This is really the time!
You always sound so upbeat Shell. It cheers me up :)
Right yesterday went -

b- 2 rasher bacon, 2 fried eggs
l- ham, spinach, tomato salad with roule!
d- 2 pork steaks, handful of lettuce, blob mayo
snak- couldnt resist some cheese :(

Today's plan

b- 2 sausages, 2 fried eggs,
l- chicken breast and courgette in garlic butter
d- tuna salad with roule..
snks - no no no


This is really the time!
Today was difficult. I got up late. Needed to get the children ready, get the eldest to school and make it in time to go on an outing with the playgroup lol

So, I didn't eat until 11:

Breakfast: Cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato

Lunch: 2 chicken thighs (was on the run still)

Snack: Draft Pork

Dinner: (finally sitting down lol) Roast chicken (with balti spices on it, roasted with butter mmmmmm), stir fried mixed veg and mayo.

Havent eaten tonnes. Not as much as usual anyway. But, feel great :)

If I get peckish later, I shall have some eggs.
Mmmmm yum menu's are looking so tasty on here!!!
Fluffs-i think its the supplements that make me giddy!!!

Breakfast - salami, cheddar, smoked cheese, brazil nuts
Dinner - lettuce, german smoked sausage, egg, cottage cheese salad
Tea - spaggetti bol and tomato salad

Snack-mr porkys scratchings (no idea why i had them, i wan't incredibly hungry, i think i was feeling sorry for myself and wanted that salty taste, lol)

:) x

Petit Dejeuner - Le bacon avec des grosse crevettes (Prawns) au beurre du garlic et chilli

Dejeuner - plus de grosse crevettes, epinards, et la roule!!!

Le diner - tranches du dinde, fromage et 2 oeufs au plat.

Lol it wasn't a very exciting day for food so I thought if i put it in french it might sound sexier.
lol sexy!

i'm having a bad day today, not sure what to have for tea :(

breakfast-3 sausages, fried egg, some salami
dinner - german sausage, lettuce, smoked cheese, cucumber salad
tea-???? dunno i haven't planned ahead!

i quite fancy some more sausages, lol, i dont know tho!


This is really the time!
[email protected] the supplements...Legal highs lol

Breakfast: Got up late and had loads to do, so for the first time since on plan, missed it :(

Lunch: Gammon Shank...Bought from Asda hot meat counter....only ate a little....tasted 10 years old lol

Dinner: I am planning to have grilled pork chops and brocolli.

Shell, do you have to remove fat off your meat on India and Neris?


This is really the time!
Sssh...that makes me miss SW lol
No i don't remove fat, they say its a good balance to get a certain amount of fat in you.....lol i dunno?!?! If its on gammon though i won't eat it anyway bcos i cannot stomach the feeling of chewing it! But on bacon i don't mind it to be honest :)

Breakfast - 3 sausages & scrambled egg (omg i'm proper fetishing on sausages they've soooooooo yummy!)
Dinner - Lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, smoked sausage, cheese
Tea- Have defrosted chilli but i'm in work at half 5 and don't fancy eating so early so it may end up being a salad again.

:) x


This is really the time!
Thanks Shell :)

Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in pure coconut oil
Lunch: Pork belly draft
Dinner: chicken thigh and spinach beet. With cream and cheese sauce.

Edit: Dinner: I had home seasoned chicken thighs, cooked with yellow peppers. Was delicious!!

mmmm is this really a diet???lol
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