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What are you listening to?

Mrs Z

Gold Member
What are you listening to now on your CD, radio, i-pod etc.

It just seems that today everywhere I have been it was Lady Gaga and Pokerface - the radio in the car, in the shop, the car next to me at the traffic lights and to top it all I have just been put on hold and the radio was playing.... you guessed it.... Her. Again!

I've got the new Green Day album on.

What is anyone else listeing to?
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Mrs Z

Gold Member
I looked after my 3year old niece on Tuesday and had Beebies channel or something like that on and it must get in your brain as I started humming kids TV theme tunes when I was on my own.

I now have Oasis on - I'm going to see them next month and can't wait.
Ahhhh Lady Gaga does my brain in!!!

Not my kind of music at all.
At the moment I'm half watching-half listening to the TV.

Mrs Z

Gold Member
It just felt like everywhere I went the same song was on. I thought there was a "Lady Ga Ga" day and I had not been told about it.


Full Member
Been listening to my ipod today with 50's 60's 70's stuff on and a bit of Jim Reeves (Welcome to my World) oh yess!!!!

Mrs Z

Gold Member
I talked myself into going for a walk this morning and had my i-pod with me - I had a Beatles complilation on - did not even know I had it on there! It was brilliant.
My ipod is on shuffle and is currently playing Its Not About You - Scouting for girls! Love it! Next song could be something terribly cheesey though.......!!

Mrs Z

Gold Member
I had Metallica on in the car today - I'm not a metal-head and did not even really like them or know much about them until I got talked into seeing them in March and they were really good.

So, I'm kind of catching up on their old stuff - it's really good.
Listening to James Morrison a lot lately as my daughter keeps sticking him on the cd in the car also we are going to see him in November. I really like him, but it is funny when you absolutely hate something - and once it is played a few times and learn the words you end up singing along.......especially my daughters Hanna Montana music arghhh
La Roux, a bit of dance music and some 80's thrown in for good measure. Nothing like belting out Phil Collins' 'Against all odds' when you're feeling emo. :cry::D

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