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What are you looking forward to after weightloss?

What are you most looking forward to about reaching your weightloss goal? Here are a few of mine...

Jeans being my most comfortable clothes again (not digging in when I sit down!!)

My legs not rubbing together and getting sore if I wear a dress or a skirt. At the moment I have to wear leggings or tights and sometimes even tights don't prevent it...ouch!! People think the Sudocrem in my bathroom is for my 2 year old...

Wearing make up when I want to not EVERY day because I hate the thought of my fat face being out in public!!

Being able to buy clothes straight off the rail. This is something I have rarely done my whole life.

Looking EXACTLY like I thought I looked when I left the house in a photograph...not looking 5 stone heavier than I imagined!!

Buying underwear that you can actually SEE - not that disappears into my rolls never to be seen by the human eye again!!

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt so you can see my BELT - I haven't worn a belt since before pregnancy!!

What are yours?? :D
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oooohh great thread hun x

Mine are.....
-To be able to buy and wear lovely clothes, ones I WANT to wear and not having to just choose ones because they are the only ones that fit.

-To be more confident about actually going out. I already suffer from anxiety problems and panic attacks and being this weight makes me not want to go out even more so I stay home alot of the time.

-Doing stuff that has a weight limit (treetop adventure, sky diving, flying a plane, hot air balloon)

-Showing all the people who said I couldn't lose weight that I CAN :D

There are loads more but those will do for now x
Oooh totally gonna bookmark this thread to keep an eye on - sounds like it could be very inspirational!

The things i'm looking forward to are;

+ To be able to join in with my friends on their clothes-swap nights.

+ To not panic when someone gets their camera out to take photos.

+ Being able to by the clothes I want to, and dress in the style I want to.

+ To have a massage. I've always wanted to get one, but always felt too big!

+ To feel at ease around my family. I avoid seeing them as I hate the comments on my weight.

+ To buy pretty rings and necklaces, without worrying if they'll fit.

+ To finally be able to be myself and stop worrying and thinking about my weight all the time.


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This thread is great

Mine are:

To be able to buy clothes from normal clothes shops.

To not feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me for my weight.

To have a doctors or hospital appointment which doesn't end with a comment like "it would help if you lost weight"

To have my 7yr old not see me as her fat mum and be able to run about with her.

To enjoy being pregnant with my next child and actually look pregnant rather than just very fat
This is a great idea to keep focused on why we're doing this!!
I'm looking forward to digging all my 'thin' clothes out of the loft, especially the ones I never even got to wear! Will be like clothes shopping but for free!
Also looking forward to running about with my little boy without going bright red and sweaty!
Great thread! Here are mine.

- To walk down the street with the confidence that people aren't staring at me because I'm the fattest in the crowd.

- To buy clothes from a certain boutique shop that I drool at when I go past. The largest size they do is a 14.

- To look fabulous in my wedding dress

- Not having to wear bra extenders!

- Going to a fairground and have no worries about whether or not I'll fit in the seats.

- To ride a horse again.

- The most important one. To have a baby.


I will do this!!!
mine are.....
+ to feel comfortable on a girls nights out (all my friends are skinny!)
+ to have photos on the wall of me and my little boy
+ to go to alton towers and not panic in the que because im scared not because i might not fit into the seat.
+ to pick something off the rail, try it on and go "wow i look good i'll buy that" instead of not even looking because i know it wont fit.
+to wear sexy underwear and look sexy ;)
+to wear skirts and dresses without my thighs rubbing and getting sore (doublehappy i have the same sudocrem story :( )

and theres lots more!!
Another one brought to mind today... wear lovely strappy sundresses/ shorts and vest and feel cool on a lovely hot day, instead of covering up and boiling!


I will do this!!!
ahhh to wear a nice pair of shorts in the summer :)
Today i went out boiling hot in jeans!!!! grrrr i hate them but its all i can wear.
pizzle84 said:
ahhh to wear a nice pair of shorts in the summer :)
Today i went out boiling hot in jeans!!!! grrrr i hate them but its all i can wear.
Same here!! Well if it's not jeans it's the dreaded leggings and I put atleast half of the blame on them for me getting to this state in the first place!!

I thought of another one yesterday to... I want my ordinary bath towels to go all the way round me - not just the 'bath sheets'!!! Xx


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There are some fantastic things on this thread :)

I think the big one for me is having the energy to do the things I want to do, and not getting so tired just from every day stuff

And I can't wait to be buying normal sized clothes in normal shops :)
Loving this thread!

- to have my acid reflux reduced
- to see my daughter grow up and enjoy life with her
- to enjoy life and not shy away
- to stop my mother worrying, shes buried a husband before time. No need for her to bury a child either.
- to feel comfortable in my own skin
Another one - they keep on coming!

I want to be able to buy a bra that doesn't leave red marks all round my back when I take it off... I haven't even got big jugs I'm just too fat!! :D
Another one - they keep on coming!

I want to be able to buy a bra that doesn't leave red marks all round my back when I take it off... I haven't even got big jugs I'm just too fat!! :D
I second that!!

And also to hopefully not be so damned tired all the time - it's getting me down. Could totally drop off to sleep at any moment!


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for me
to be able to clothes shop in any shop, not just where sells plus sizes
to be able to wear short shorts, not long knee length things to cover my wobbly thighs

theres more I know so I will be back


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Apart from the usual clothes thing, I mainly hope to get back some self-confidence, preferably enough to put myself out there to find the father of my future babies!!
l love this
to walk with a spring in each step and a smile on my face.
to run with my grandchildren,maybe even be faster,though l doubt it
to live life to the full,and NEVER let myself become overweight again
to feel and be healthier
Oh yes Angelamee, learning my lesson and never having to do this again!!
i want to do all the normal stuff like buying nice clothes etc.....but to be honest the first thing i wanna do is get a photograph done with my son....ive waited so long for him and im sooo scared of the camera there are only 1 or 2 pictures of me with him and non at the birth ...feel like im missing out big time :(


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To be able to wear my engagement and wedding rings again.
To be able to wear my wetsuit and go windsurfing again.
To be able to run in the mum's race at school sports day next year!
To feel happy about having a family photograph taken.
To set a positive example to my children about healthy lifestyle choices.
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