What are YOU looking forward to....


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Just thinking of some of the things I'm looking forward to doing when all this huge amount of weight is gone and wondered what you are all looking forward to too?

Here's a few of mine....

I am looking forward to....

Being able to wipe my bum without standing like a sumo warrior over a loo!:eek:

Not being stared at by small children, old people and basically everyone in between:mad:

Knowing that if they ARE staring it's NOT because I am fat!;)

... your turn now!
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I am looking forward to not feeling like a 'freak' and be able to walk past windows,mirrors,etc and NOT looking away, so I don't have to look at myself.

People treating me as an equal rather than somebody they believe to be a 2nd class citizen, just because I am fat.

But, most of all I am looking forward to being comfortable in my skin-no aches and pains and total freedom of movement:)

But, most of all I am looking forward to being comfortable in my skin-no aches and pains and total freedom of movement

That's the one that I've most enjoyed since reaching goal. No doubt about it. I've never really cared too much about image, but being able to get around, jump up the stairs 2-3 at a time, sitting cross legged at school....just generally being more flexible. Even if I was fit before, the fat got in the way.
Fantastic things..:) all can apply to everyone too!:D

I also look forward to .....being able to buy clothes from somewhere other than Yours, Evans and the USA (courtesy of the internet!) :rolleyes:

.... wanting to go clothes shopping!

...looking dead sexy in sexy undies!;)
I remember the joy of being able to tie my shoe laces without contorting myself!

Not having thighs which rubbed painfully together!

aaah the list is long... (but my mind blank this morning!)
I wrote a really long list of reasons why I wanted to lose weight at the start of my diet! I felt this was important as part of the "mental" journey.

I would write it up... but it'd take aaaages!

Great motivational thing to do!

(btw.. whats the caribbean adventure FFF??)
I'm looking forward to getting into my smallest clothes again!!! I got to target in May but am now 15lbs up grrrrr, so some of my clothes just don't look right on me!! Especially blouses as my boobs are huge and tend to be the first place i put the weight on!!!!!
I am looking forward to....

Being able to wipe my bum without standing like a sumo warrior over a loo!:eek:

I've managed to reach some of my mini goals but THIS one was utter bliss!!!
Without getting too graphic, at almost 22st I practically had to dislocate my shoulder to perform this simple function :eek:
Ditto Russiandoll! Once I burnt my stomach on the radiator which is on the wall next to our toilet. I looked at it the other day, and remembered. There is now a very respectable gap between my stomach and said radiator!
Turning over in bed in a smaller space is a great feeling too. (You will know what I mean if you had the same trouble I did)
Ann xxx
Im looking forward to someone choosing to sit next to me on a bus... Every time I got on all the people looked out the window hoping I didn't choose to sit next to them:(.. Can't wait to welcome a person to sit next to me:)
Oh westhill I totally agree its the bed thing that kicked me into gear about my weight. I couldn't turn without using my leg on the bedside table to wedge my huge body up..
Looking forward to......not having to "rearrange" my boobs in bed so that I can sleep comfortably and not strangle myself!:eek:

(btw.. whats the caribbean adventure FFF??)

I'm going away for 3 weeks in June with my sister to Tobago. :D It will be our first ever holiday alone together and my first caribbean journey!:eek: It isn't the reason I am losing weight, it is just another thing to look forward to! lol:D ;)

I'm also looking forward to...

NOT being ignored in shops by snooty skinny-bint shop assistants who treat me like sh*t!:mad:
I know im a bit late posting this, but i just had to tell you,

Im looking forward to walking into a room and not being the biggest person there. x
Hi I just joined-hope its ok to contribute?! I can't wait for the feeling, that everyone is looking at me in the wrong way, to go away. Also,to not feel so apologetic for taking up more room, generally-though that may be psychological?! DDB.X
I have "served my time" on SS, and have now achieved nearly all my goals on my original list - and it's wonderful - I will NEVER take it for granted.
Now, I would love to be able to run, horse ride and ski.
The running is cheapest, to that it my next goal. When I first started, I could hardly walk across the room, but now I can do 20 mins @ 4mph. - walking.
I haven't broke into a run for more years than I care to remember (20+) and the thought is a bit scary, but I'm going to try. I don't know whether to try on the treadmill, where I am convinced I will fall over, or go somewhere in the country where there's no one about and experiment!
I've got the shoes - just need the courage now!!!!
Ann x