What are your goals?

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  1. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    Let’s get motivated! What are your goals when you get to goal? and we can check these off once we get there!

    My goals are......

    Being able to run without knocking myself out with my tits
    Never step foot in Evans again - because everything will be too big!
    Cross my legs when I sit down.
    Buy clothes because I like them rather than because they fit me!
    To be able to fit into “normal” size long boots without nearly breaking the zip!
    Fit into wellies so I can walk my dog in muddy fields!
    Wear a sexy black dress on New Years Eve and be proud of my body.
    Not have to worry about love handles showing through my tops.
    Sunbathe on the beach in a bikini and not worry about the dreaded “walk to the sea”
    Show all the people that said I will never be slim that I can be!
    Grow my hair long and not look like a fat ape
    Go to my local pub to show the new me
    Wear tops that have thin straps in the summer
    Be able to go out and not feel like I can’t because of the weight
    Be healthy and eat foods that are good for me only
    Never ever ever ever let myself be fat again
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  3. poohbearmufc

    poohbearmufc Longing 2 b a yummy mummy

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    Exante - Total Solutions
    My Goals

    Being Healthy
    To be a yummy mummy
    Feel sexy
    To have self confidence again
    To maintain weight
    To learn portion sizes
    To be able to buy clothes from normal shops
    To buy sexy matching underwear
    To reduce body fat
    To reduce BMI
    To be normal!!
    To be me...x
  4. Bigmama2littlemama

    Bigmama2littlemama Full Member

    Hi bunnycd,

    Everything you and karen have said I second.

    I want to discover who I really am, Iv lost myself and what to find her again.

    And together WE WILL DO IT :):)

    Bm2lm xx
  5. Bigmama2littlemama

    Bigmama2littlemama Full Member

    Sorry poohbearmufc, not Karen :eek:
  6. naomi1611

    naomi1611 Will B Slim

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:

    my goals are:

    To be a fitter mother for my kids
    To fit into a size 12
    To look sexy
    To wear a bikini without scaring kids
    To feel confident again
    To be happy:)
  7. poppa134

    poppa134 Full Member

    I agree with all of the above,but I have managed to achieve one,thats to be able to sit down and cross my legs and its such a novelty I do it all the time now,probably knowing my luck I'll ended up with varicose veins though!!!LOL
  8. shrm26

    shrm26 Glamorous Gran

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    My goals are:

    To walk without my thighs feeling like they're welded together at the top

    To not be out of breath after climbing stairs

    To be able to buy what clothes i like from where i like

    To be able to buy pretty underwear and bras, not the scaffolding I'm resigned to buy at present

    To be proud i had the strength to achieve this

    To be able to "throw on" a pair of jeans and top and look great

    To feel confident

    and finally, to reduce health risks so i can live longer to see my grandchildren grow up and meet my great-grandchildren (God, i feel old!!)
  9. justwant2besexy

    justwant2besexy Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi guys,

    My goals are :

    To feel sexy everday
    To love myself
    To leave the light on when my hubby and i make love
    To be La Senza'a fave customer!
    To be fit and healthy for my baby boy
    To be able to feel good when i go out
    I wont have to cross my arms over my belly everywhere i go
    To feel normal in public
    Hopefully, to lose some of my insecurities and stop the jealousy!!
    To fine the REAL me.

    Kendra xxx :)
  10. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    MY GOALS ARE - not to be the odd (FAT) one out of the family
    to be a skinny mum so my child wont get bullied at school
    to be able to not to get sores on my inner thighs coz they rub together
    and to feel confident and sexy

    together we can all achieve this. good luck everyone
  11. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!


    I will make no apologies for being honest with my list.

    Not to be humiliated by so call friends.
    Not to have my childrens school friends laugh at their mum.
    To know that when my Hubby looks at me from behind its with pride.
    To know that my Mum can stop worrying about me.
    To walk the dogs in the Lake District/Wales and not have pitying looks from other walkers.
    To know that the first impression I have on people when I meet them is a good one.
    To be to small for my Wedding Dress (I was 13st when I got married 27 years ago).
    To be comfortable in heat and not glow.
    Not to worry about being smelly from glowing!
    To show the 'Bird' to people who thought I was nothing but a Fat Sad Cow.
    To make love to my husband and feel good about myself and not ashamed.
    To know that when I meet people again this year when I am with my husband that their jaws will drop.
    and I totally agree about buying lovely bras.

  12. minilady

    minilady Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    I've loved reading these posts!!:D

    I agree with all, but I'd also like to be able to drive my mini without any fat on body and chins wobbling. Maybe I ought to drive a car that has suspension!!

    Also I'd like my boobs to stick out further than my stomach.

  13. blitz

    blitz Silver Member

    slimming world
    I love this post

    To reduce my blood pressure and hopefully stop medication.
    To be able to wear my wedding ring again(already acheived)
    Not to feel squashed in a airplane seat
    Not to have airplane tray resting on my tummy
    To be able to show my holiday pics off with pride
    I want to be able to walk into any shop & chose clothes I like
    To be able to wear Jeans
    To buy a fab outfit for my BF wedding in July
    To look fab and not feel everyone is commenting on how big I am
    To go out in a few months with by Husband & shock his mates.
    And above all to be happy with ME
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