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what can I drink

Just started lipotrim today and I am not really sure what I am allowed to drink. I know I am allowed tea and coffee minus the milk but I am wondering what else. I usually drink green tea is this allowed and also is chamomile allowed?
Im drinking lots of water and got soda water too but I am trying to drink to take away my obsession with food right now and the water isnt doing it. Please help
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At least 2 litres of water
tea & coffee with no milk - you are allowed sweetners.
Green tea is allowed as is peppermint.
I am not sure about camomile - is it a leaf tea?

As all leaf teas are allowed just not the fruit ones :)
I've discovered black earl gray tea and have stocked up on decaffeinated coffee to add to the shakes (was using caffeinated but found i was buzzing a bit too much lol ).

For me if I add coffee I can add more water and then get a 350-400ml shake! Same if i make them cold with crushed ice and water - can almost bring it to a pint :)


Here we go again!
You will probably find this site a lifesaver like the rest of us. Really good for any advice or just any questions that need answering. If you need motivation this is the place to come. Drink plenty of water, it really does help with the hunger. It should all get easier after your first week. Your weigh in will really spur you on for week 2.

Good luck, you can do it, we all can!
Good luck Beckym. I drink lots of black coffee and never thought i would aquire a taste for this but your taste buds change and water doesnt become so bad afterall.

Good luck on LT and you will always get lots of support and motivation here.:happy096:


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Chamomile tea is made from the flowers not the leaves so I'm not drinking it at the moment.

Any leaf tea is fine so, green (with nothing AT ALL added), peppermint, nettle, dandelion (leaf not flower obviously) earl grey, redbush are fine. Bear in mind that although we are allowed to drink caffeinated teas and coffees caffeine is a diuretic, so if you do you should really have an extra glass of water as well. I find it easier to drink everything decaf. You can buy decaf green tea. Redbush, nettle and those are naturally decaf.
I have also found a new liking for sparkling water - always hated it before but love it now ... tastes really change on this plan! Best of luck! x
no, earl grey contains bergamot (something to do with oranges) but it's fine on LT, my LT carrier bag says so :)

i'd say a no to camomile as it's a flower. likewise jasmine tea and lots of chinese teas (which are GORGEOUS) but made with flowers.
Lucky, lucky me, all I drink now is water hot or cold and I love it!

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