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What can I expect? A week off of Cambridge?

Hi All,

As you are probably all aware as I'm always banging on about it I went to Glastonbury last Wednesday and came back on Monday. I continued to eat up until this Wednesday when I restarted SS, meaning I was off of the diet for 7 days. I weigh in tomorrow although I don't REALLY need to go because I've bought back all the SS products I was planning on having whilst at Glasto. However, I want to know how I'm going weight wise. VERY SCARED THOUGH :cry:

I'm petrified I've put on a lot. I did start SS again yesterday and stuck to it 100% minus not having enough water as I've started a new job in a job agency and its on the go all the time I haven't got time to think about water or having to rush to the loo :( going to try making up for it a little tonight mind.

Anyway I've completely gone off of the subject what I was saying lol, I was just wondering what do you think I should expect when I weigh in tomorrow. Whilst off of the diet I managed to consume a good few chicken kebabs, I wont go into detail coz I feel thats mean on you guys but basically I wasn't great but I wasn't as bad as I could have been and would have been before the diet... I resisted the candyfloss (my favourite :()

One more question... I want to be slim by September on my last weigh in I was 12st 9 do you think this is possible??

Thanks for all your time, I appreciate it so much.

Love ArcticMonkeysXx
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a bit different everyday
hi hun
it all depends on how many complx carbs you have eaten really, bread alcohol choc pasta potatoes
eating protein is not really gonna do much damage but say pitta bread for example could put a pound on you because you are refilling the glycogen stores very quickly
really there is no point stressing yourself as what is done is done, weigh in tomorrow and you will know where you are and can refocus on ssing properly
good luck
nat xx
Thanks Nat, I appreciate it :) I was really good, I didn't even have a drop of alcohol! Lol, sad really. I just figured I enjoy food more and wanted to know what on earth was going on around me, PLUS keep my balance in all that mud.
I don't think I was too too too bad, I guess this diet just makes you over worry and get rather para when it comes to things like this. I didn't have much choice as to eat though, I hope my CDC understands

Thanks again nat :hug99: x x


a bit different everyday
hey dont worry then , in greece i had a chicken kebab every night plus vodka and coke zero and still lost 7lb per week
you might be pleasantly surprised mate !!
Wow thats amazing Nat :-O well done, thats so so good! Sounds like you had a great time too :-D

Thank you very much, I have to be honest I've been on the scales and I think its only 1-3lbs heavier than my last weigh in, I can deal with that I guess.

Thanks for your support x x


Not dieting ATM!

My guess would be if you continue 100% now within a week you will have at least lost any gain and probably a bit more. If you continue 100% for July and August you should lose another 2 stone. I reckon that's worth keeping your motivation up don't you.

Ofcourse it's all down to you but I reckon with the help of Cambridge you will be slim by September.

Good Luck

Dizzy x
Thanks Dizzy n Mizzy, I do hope so. I've a good reason to get it all off by September I'm just praying I can do it or I think it will actually ruin my life dramatic as it may sound :( its been my determination and will power driver the whole time though so with any luck I'll keep going, even on my birthday end of next month..*fingers crossed*

Thank you :) Xx


Water water everywhere
If you did as much walking through the mud as I did at Glasto I'm sure you'll be fine! It was resistance walking :D must've burnt off 5 times calories than normal walking I reckon lol :D

Plus if you've had no alcohol either that's a massive bonus - well done. You did better than me!

Don't worry about it, just explain to your CDC that you did eat at Glastonbury (to be perfectly honest you would have frozen to near death if you hadn't have done in my opinion!) and that you are storing some glycogen but that you are back on track now and raring to go. Also tell her you're really pleased for resisting the alcohol :)

You will have a good loss next week even if you do show a gain this week so try not to worry about it.

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