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What can I expect from my first visit to the pharmacist?


A little of everything!
I've bit the bullet so to speak and booked my first appointment on Saturday to fill in the questionnaire. He said it will take about 20mins, what else can I expect at it?
I'm not starting immediately (have to discuss that with him). Is there anything I should ask? Is there any 'conditions' that would exclude me from LT? Any advice welcome please?
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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya chick!!

My first apearance at the pharamacy went like this...

I just turned up... said I wanted to do it...

He explained that it would be very hard and its alot of money so I have to be sure... I said I was

He asked me what I knew and I told him everything I knew as I had done alot of reading up before hand

He was happy with the info I knew and I filled out the questionaire

Got my height measured and weighed and then Given my sachets and paid and out the door!!
Filled in questionnaire - it's got lots of tick boxes for various conditions, so that will hopefully cover any concerns you've got.

Pharmacist asked why I was doing it/where I'd heard about the diet etc and then he talked me through what happens and how/why the diet works. He was great, really thorough and able to answer any questions.

Then got weighed (the hard bit, lol), discussed the flavours and picked out my sachets, paid and left with a cheery wave :)

Was all pretty quick, 20 minutes I'd say was about right.


A little of everything!
Chellywellyboot- LOL! Surely that didn't take 20mins!?! I'll have my 2 girls with me so really don't want to hang around- for his sake as well as mine! LOL!

He knows I've watched the DVD, and I have a few questions to ask him (though maybe you guys can answer them?)

Can you add pepper to the soup and cinnamon to the vanilla shake? I don't like coffee and am quite apprehensive of having them with just the sweeteners as the general consensus is they're not very nice?

Is listerine mouthwash/strips okay to use?

If all goes well, I then have to decide when to start, but I'll ask his advice on that too (I have a wedding in a few weeks and will need to re-feed so may wait until after?)
20 minutes max, then :) just depends if you have to wait around.

The questionnaire's 1 side of A4 paper, so not long.

I have added pepper to soup (once) and cinnamon to the choc shake. to be honest both are fine without so i won't bother again.

black coffee with sweetener, to me, was worse than without it. but still it's not something i'll have very often.

listerine mouthwash and strips are fine - the strips are apparently discontinued but you may be able to find them some places (i can't). i don't know about other types of mouthwash but sure someone here can tell us.


A little of everything!
Thanks for that! It's appointment only usually, but he's making a special one for me on Saturday because of work during the week- he said my weigh-ins could be whenever suited me so that was a relief! So hopefully I won't have to wait around too long? I'll ask him about the mouthwash as well then- I didn't realise the strips had been discontinued?! You can get them in the US, maybe I'll get them posted over! LOL! They're handier than carrying a small bottle around!
Thanks again.


I will be skinny again!!!
It took me about 20 minutes but I was left waiting for about 10!!

Probably because i didnt make an appointment!

I add pepper to the soup!!

Dont know about cinamon though xx


A little of everything!
I've just ordered a shaker bottle and listerine strips (there were loads!) off ebay, and bought two boxes of peppermint tea- and I don't even see the pharmacist until Saturday! LOL!
Please God I'll be allowed to do it after that! :worthy:
I'm patiently reading all your inspirational posts and biding my time...:coffee:
IrishMum, here in Ireland LT is a bit more expensive than in England, I pay £44 a week but thats with a £4 discount because me and OH are on it and his £58 a week, and because we have been on it before.

Just thought I should let you know that !! Good Luck :D

BTW I am originally from Co. Armagh, Lurgan to be exact though I live in Antrim now :D
If you like your coffee, you can add a teaspoon of coffee to the vanilla shake - it's yum! The chocolate and strawberry are nice on their own. I used to add pepper to the chicken soup but have completely gone off that. Sometimes eat the flapjacks but if you have them you'll need about 3 pints of water. They are dryer and slightly less tasty than a cardboard box (my kids reckon they taste and smell like the rabbit section at Pets at Home!!!) Good luck IrishMum - I'm sure you'll be fine - but no more 'eating bullets' - they're not allowed on this diet!!!


A little of everything!
LOL! Thanks slimmabum! I told my DH last night that I'd decided to try it for a few weeks. He thinks I'm mad and 'don't need to put myself through it', but is totally supportive! I was a bit surprised, but he knows I've truly tried everything else, and I'll be a happier person if I can get into 'normal' clothes again! I'm not telling anyone else though, well, not yet anyway!
IrishLaura- it's £44 at my pharmacy too, thats why I'm ebaying, to save a few more ££'s!
All I'd add is that the website advises steering clear of ebay and other internet sales - as you can't guarantee that they're the real LT deal...


A little of everything!
I'm only ebaying for the shaker, listerine strips and maybe the fibreclear (or something similar!) The LT foods on Ebay are CRAZY prices!!


I will be skinny again!!!
I get mine in Belfast and its £45

Where are you from irishmum??


A little of everything!
Just outside Newry (between there & Dundalk!)
Theres a lot of 'Norn Iron' people on here isn't there? It must be recommended in the pharmacies for support! LOL!


I will be skinny again!!!
Hehe nope I found this whilst googling if I put hot or cold water in the soup ok
I'm only ebaying for the shaker, listerine strips and maybe the fibreclear (or something similar!) The LT foods on Ebay are CRAZY prices!!
doh, missed your other post. my apologies!

£5 for the shaker was expensive, but I'll be away a lot in coming months so it's an investment for me.

going to have a look at ebay and see prices now you've said that about the LT packs! lol

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