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What can I expect

I've been fiddling around with CD for a few weeks and just can't get my head round it. I did LL last year and lost loads, have put a bit back on and need to shift it before it gets stuck there!

Thinking about SW but I'm someone who needs to see initial results quite quickly, the first stone needs to go within about 4 weeks. I'd love to lose 3 - 3 1/2 stone but need to lose 2 by about mid April if I can. So is this doable or should I try and get my head round the wonders of CD?
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Hmmmm from my own experience i would say try CD. Just for those first 4 weeks at least.
I was thinking about being good diet wise this week. I have plans to go away this weekend and that will involve drink - I then have 3 weeks until my birthday when I will eat and drink, I'm a leap year baby and I'm not missing out for another 4 years! I was thinking of trying to do CD that intervening 3 weeks, get best part of a stone off and then see if I can stick to it for a while longer or whether to move over then, at least at a lesser weight.
I would agree with starlight CD for a stort time is not the answer.With SW you can eat most thing and I must say I have 3+ stone to lose and am down 5lb first week, and I not hungry at all. you can even drink ( in moderation ):cry:


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SW and WW is a case of try it out it works for some and not for others. I managed to lose 10Lbs in my first week. There is no reason why it wouldn't work if you are not sticking to it 100% but for some people the weight loss is too slow or the plan is too tricky. It is a case of finding a diet that suits you. I personally could not do without food I love it too much so would not be able to do CD and anybody that does it is amazing for sticking to it. Good luck on what ever you choose...:D


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Voice of experience.....

I have tried EVERY diet under the sun. Tried CD twicw last year but couldnt keep to it. SW was the only diet I hadnt done. I started it on 7th jan, lost 7lbs first wk, 4 in the 2nd wk, and i think ive at LEAST lost 3 this week..........and its also my TOTM!
Best diet Ive ever been on! Am never hungry and my whole approach to food has changed. While before i would quite easily gorge on 6 pks of crisps and big bars of choc(every nite) I now go for healthier options, and i can honestly say that Im not even missing the `junk` food.
So you CAN loose a stone in under a month on SW, if you set ur mind to it.
Try it......u will love it!

Best of luck to you whatever diet you choose.:)
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I did CD and lost quite a bit of weight, but in order for it to be effective and keep the weight off, you need to follow the steps after the weight loss for maintenance. It wasn't the right diet for me, but it may be for others. I have done WW and lost 2.5 stone and have kept it off, but have been losing and gaining the same 1/2 stone and not really had my heart in it, so have started SW to lose the last 1.5 stone. It took me about 2 weeks to really get my head around it after doing WW for so long, but now am quite happy with it. I am never hungry, and unlike WW where if I had no points left I either had to borrow from the next day or go hungry, on SW, I can eat any free foods I like, which is a really nice change!

Good luck with whatever you choose hon!!
Thank you all so much. I'm doing my own SW diet this week based on what I've managed to gleam from others, books should arrive soon, I simply don't have time to go to meetings and I'm on and off the scales all the time anyway! I'll see how it goes and if I'm pleased I'll stick with it after the weekends planned binge (alcohol only!). My head isn't in the right place for CD at the moment. Had my email reminding me about the Great South Run today - now need to decide whether I can kick this ass into shape and do a 10 mile run in 9 months! Not sure I could run to catch a £50 note at the moment!

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