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What can I feed my OH?


can't speak French
Hi all

I restarted SW in earnest yesterday (am doing it at home) and just wondered the best way to man-proof the recipes! My OH doesn't need to lose any weight and complained he was hungry last night after his SW-approved steak dinner! I made him a sandwich (and put mayonnaise on his dinner!) but just wondered if anyone had tips on how to fill him up with just his tea? I was thinking of adding a carb on red days, but not sure what to do about green!
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I am doing the CD, but I used to do slimming world (which I loved doing). I lost 2 stone on SW and got pregnant so stopped doing it and now I need to lose weight fast for a wedding so went for CD. Anyway have you bought any SW books, they do an indian book and it is full of currys that you can have on R&G days, My OH loved them, On a red day I would buy a lot of cooked chickens and I would have a salad and make him some potatoes and veg so he would have a cooked dinner. Also you can make full brekkies which most people love. On green days I loved pasta dinners so OH would have spag bol and I would just have a little sauce with loads of pasta or Chilli Con Carne with again loads of rice.
Try getting one of their cookery books they are really good and my hubby loved the meals from them. Good luck :)
I know the feeling Jen my OH is a skinny lad. I let him fill up on biscuits and cakes and puddings. Always have Ambrosia creamed rice in for his pud, and mini apple pies with tinned custard. Luckily I am not a sweet toothed person.

If it was meat or pork pies for pud I would be severely tempted.

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