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What can I use instead.....

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Mrs Harley, 13 June 2010 Social URL.

  1. Mrs Harley

    Mrs Harley Full Member

    Living in Texas there are certain things that I haven't been able to get hold off here, the main one being Fromage Frais ( or fromage blanc as its called here), I can get quark, and 0% greek yoghurt ( which doesnt work as well in cooked foods as it does in the UK) but does anyone have any suggestions what I could use in place of my dearly missed Fromage Frais???:sigh:
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  3. Mummy_Helen

    Mummy_Helen Silver Member

    I would think you could use the quark instead of fromage frais. I know I use it in curries and things when the recipe actually asks for fromage frais.
  4. Mrs Harley

    Mrs Harley Full Member

    Brilliant thanks so much, the yoghurt here for some reason seems to curdle even when the dish has been off the heat for a while to cool, I didnt think of using quark in curries, but will stock up with even more of the magic ingredient when I next go grocery shopping
  5. pesty

    pesty Fighting the bulge

    Thank you for this tip!! I never thought of using quark!!

    Yoghurt curdles here too, the trick is to allow it to get to room temperature before adding it to you dish! :) xx
  6. Mrs Harley

    Mrs Harley Full Member

    Yeah I know and tried it but there is something about the low fat yoghurt here that isnt the same as back home, most of them are set yoghurts for one so I tend to use the 0% greek yoghurt which is thicker and creamier but sometimes yoghurt just dont do what ya want it to...lol
  7. Alia

    Alia Silver Member

    Gosh I'm really suprised you can't get fromage frais in the states, I dont know what I'd do without it, I use it for so many different things. I make a lovely chocolate mousse kind of desert with it, yum yum
  8. BookWorm1980

    BookWorm1980 Full Member

    We can't get it out here in Cyprus either although we get plenty of Greek Yoghurt (obviously). I wish we could get Quark readily as well put it takes a special trip to a certain shop to get it and sometimes it's run out.

    My consultant mentioned about blitzing yoghurt and fat free cottage cheese together as a substitute i think but i'll have to confirm?
  9. pesty

    pesty Fighting the bulge

    I have just discovered that fromage frais means french soft cheese or somthing similar so quark should be good in its place! xx
  10. Mrs Harley

    Mrs Harley Full Member

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I would imagine I could get Fromage Frais in places like New York but Texans seen not to be into low fat stuff...guess the old saying is true...everything is bigger in Texas LOL

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