What can you do now, that you couldn't do before?


Finally...Life begins
So, as the title says.. what can you do now, that you couldnt do before you lost weight?

I don't even start my diet until tomorrow, but for example, I can't wait to have a bath with my daughter, the thing is, at the moment, i just about fit in the bath! My daughter would have to sit on top of me just to get us both in! funny but so sad!

Also, would love to be abe to fit in the aeroplane seat and put the tray all the way down instead of resting on my tummy.

And! To be able to cross my legs comfortably!

When I can do all three I will post pics to prove lo :p

So come on, some inspiration needed - what are you proud of?
Oh my goodness....where do I begin.

Sitting crosslegged yep.
Running up stairs 2-3 at a time (childhood habit that I'm enjoying again:D).
Squeezing through small gaps.
Suck my toes...hehe....hey, come to that, I can see my toes!!
Put on my socks without a problem
Bath in water that's the same temperature all round, rather than cold at the back and hot around my toes.

Bet there's loads more things that I've forgotten.
I can now wear a skirt & my legs don't rub together...I don't worry about messing around with DD, going down slides, going on a bouncy castle...most importantly when I give birth this time if my legs are in stirrups they will fit in (sorry if too much info!)

I can turn over in bed without sounding like I'm giving birth and bouncing poor hubby around like a cork on the ocean! :D

Debbie x
* PLay hopscotch
* Beat my girls in a race from school to the car
* Sit on just one seat on the bus
* Park my car wherever I like and not worry about people parking too close!! :cool: