what can you eat sweet on atkins?

Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by kazslim2b, 27 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. kazslim2b

    kazslim2b Member

    I'm on a combination of meal replacement diet, lipotrim and exante in the week and atkins on the weekend. I fancy something sweet, what can I eat? Can I have sugar free jelly?, what else? also any meals that are easy and tasty?

    Thanks in advance x:D
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  3. Saddlebag

    Saddlebag Silver Member

    I eat sugar free jelly every couple of days and it's not done me any harm, but I'm sure Jim will tell you if it's naughty. The Atkins bars are quite nice for a chocolate fix but for some people they do slow down weight loss quite a bit.
  4. kazslim2b

    kazslim2b Member

    Thanks saddlebag, i've bought some sugar free jelly but scared to eat just incase it knocks me out of ketosis. Think i'll wait to check with Jim, it's not in the book as far as i'm aware.
  5. Lady Marmalade

    Lady Marmalade Bad girl warning...

    My 90s version of the book recommends sugar free jelly for a dessert and says its allowed on induction. The low cal jellies do contain citric acid though which some people find can stall or slow their loss. If you have a sweet tooth, I'd say its worth experimenting to find out.

    If later versions of the book do not recommend sugar free jelly I'd imagine that's because they're trying to flog their own branded products...
  6. tess21x

    tess21x Full Member

    I really like the Atkins chocolate bars they are very nice!!! and you can get them from health food store and sainsburys i think from what I remember.
    Tess x
  7. kazslim2b

    kazslim2b Member

    Thanks all, i've just made up a batch. If i don't eat something sweet I can see me heading for some dairy milk, so guess it's best to stick to the sugar free jelly. I also heard you can have cornish cream icecream as its made with fresh cream, not sure about that, any ideas?
  8. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    When I wanted something sweet on Atkins, I used to mix some cream cheese (full fat) with sweetener - tastes like cheesecake topping!! :cool:
  9. kazslim2b

    kazslim2b Member

    Thought so Laura C, I have a very sweet tooth, been ok on lipotrim, but really needed to eat some food with my family on the weekend, now i'm eating really want something sweet, a bit of a catch 22 situation me thinks ;)
  10. kazslim2b

    kazslim2b Member

    great tip DQ thanks.
  11. kazslim2b

    kazslim2b Member

    thanks for that LC x
  12. *AnnaMaria*

    *AnnaMaria* Silver Member

    I only need sugar fixes when its totm and I eat the bars. I also have sugar free jelly just for something to do! neither have stalled me, but then I drink best part of a bottle of wine every day and thats not stalled me yet either.
  13. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    I see you have a bucket load on answers here Kaz. :D

    Good tip DQ, I've never heard that one before.
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