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What CD shakes are nice hot?

I'm thinking about have a choc mint shake with hot water to warm me up abit. I'm hoping it will be kinda like skinny cow hot milk choc as I used to love that.
I still have a glass of milk to have today so I might even make it with hot milk mmmm...

Has anyone tried this or any other shakes warm?
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I've tried the choc mint one warm and it was gorgeous!!! doesn't taste like a diet shake at all :) gonna have one this evening !
awesome will have it with warm milk tonight before bed :)
Had the mint choc with warm milk, was not good :sign0137:
Maybe it'd be ok with hot water, but milk.. no no noooo
Oh dear, I can't have CD warm at ALL! :yuk: I can't even have the soups. It seems to change the taste completly for me, it becomes sort of chalky. Love the milkshakes blended with ice though...no probs there.
Some people get on fine with it warm, so maybe worth a try. Good luck :)

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