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What did i do wrong in life?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
here I am.. 9 days from EDD.. remember me moving my pony back when I was 11 weeks?
Well my 'new' YO some 6 months later a week before baby due.. has decided she doesn't like me and wants me off her yard! :eek:
Basicallly it's HER place, she doesn't need 'anyone' which is a coincidence that she's just moved a friend onto the yard last sunday - and i've no option now but to move my pony.. yes at 9 months gone.

So.. one part of me is PRAYING that baby arrives tonight after a stressful day re-arranging livery / stabling - which I have done and am off to see fields and stable on monday but it's pretty 'set' that all is ok to move ON my due date! DH will do the majority of the leading (it's about 3 miles or so) - we've worked out I can go ahead in the car and lead him over / through the tricky bits (as he responds better to me as has had years of handling by me but only really 4 or 5 months by DH and not in tricky things.

This week.. i'll be refreshing some of his training and getting graham leading him on the road etc.. :sigh: not the circumstances I wanted to do this to DH or my horse.

Grr... braxtons and a pink panty liner.. truly hope this is it as would work out better than ending up at 40 weeks to be honest. Sounds horrible I know but will cope if I'm still pregnant.
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((((HUGE HUGS)))

That wasnt very nice of her, and her timing suck!!!

Hope u manage to get the pony moved safely for u all, and ur next place is a bit more reliable.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks girls - am hopefully moving him Tuesday.. only thing to stop it.. will be baby! lol going to have a seriously hard morning but hopefully can hold it all together for then.
Am still in disbelief at my YO and thought she might have said something about staying till new year etc but no.. nothing. :( Not that we'd stay as DH is adamant we're not giving her any more money! lol I can't really disagree we've never been late etc and she still treats us like this.
Ahh well onwards and upwards. 39 weeks today... 1 week to go.


My husband = My hero
Hi chick,

What an absolute D**k!!

You will be absoutely fine and pony will know the state you are in and fingers crossed not play up...

DO NOT give her a penny!!! heartless witch! Everything crossed tomorrow runs smoothly, sending lots of love and carrot filled wishes to pony!


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks so much, everything is in place all I have to do is keep baby in my tummy! lol not easy as it's not under our control... lol but hopefully it'll happen and we'll get things sorted.

DH is really looking forward to doing the hard work I think! lol He knows I'll want to supervise as far as I can and is respecting that - but making me stay in the car and drive ahead a certain way! lol

Fingers x'd all goes well and I can relax to have baby after tomorrow..

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hi girls thanks for asking / comments - have updated through my journal / diary thread :) Went super and really chuffed!! I can't tell you how relieved I felt! lol
DH joked when I went to bed 'don't have the baby for the next 6 hours' as he was worn out come the end of the day - but honestly I laughed and said you can't keep telling me that! lol baby is coming now she's been given the all clear - I'm not taking it back! lol
She's not coming NOW but you know what I mean. lol

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