What did i do wrong ?


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Hi Deb
I just posted a response on the other psyllium husk thread about this. Problems could range from water too hot or blender too fast. I've copied my post and here it is ....

I tried an experiment this morning for Coley and anyone else who had problems with gloopy porrige.

I made my shake up with just under 400ml of very hot water with NO PH in it. Poured it into a bowl and sprinkled the PH on top then gave it a good brisk stir with a fork.

At first, it went all lumpy and I though 'sh** - I've ruined my breakfast' but I kept stirring and after about 30 seconds, the lumps began to reduce and the whole thing thickened up. I stirred for about 1 minute then sprinkled some cinnamon on top.
I left it for another minute whilst I made myself a cup of coffee and it was lovely! Even better than whisking it all together with a blender.

So I'll be doing it this way myself from now on. :) I suppose we can only discover things if we take a risk and experiment a bit.


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thanks Debbie

Will have another go but only have a tetra left, running out of supplies until get retstocked tomorrow.

Will have another go (fingers crossed).

I have always been a disaster in the kitchen so no suprise for me it went wrong this morning. :eek:

thanks xx

mrs tweedy

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Chelle I generally use 2 tbl spoons but if I were you I'd start off with less and build up to your required tatste, I like a thinner mix and whenever I have tried using more husks I tend to get the "glue" mixture lol I definitely agree with Debbie though they work out much better if you mix the husks into the finished shake in a bowl as when I have blended them I have had to bin the mix (either that or use as wallpaper paste lol)


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S: 12st7lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.71%)
I tried mixing the next lot with a choc tetra and some extra cold water, then mixing the husks in a teaspoon at a time.

Got to 8 tsps and it came out a lovely thick and not gooey consistancy. ! The only thing is now I think my stomach has shrunk and I cant eat it all in one go!! :eek:

Still got some left now and have been eating on and off throughout the day!! :rolleyes: and its now very think. A bit like a choccie moose!!:D

I think Debbie is right maybe best to add after the shake/soup has been mixed together first. Seems to work better for me anyway.!

Deb x