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  1. wannabesize10

    wannabesize10 Silver Member

    Hi All,

    I am really needed help as I have just over 2 stone (28lbs) of fat to lose to put me in the healthy range of BMI, and for me to once again feel happy and confident and not hide myself behind big baggy clothes,

    I had a baby in Nov 2012 and did really well not to gain too much while pregnant I gained around under 2 stone....trouble is I have only lost the baby and water weight and lost and gained the same weight over the last 15 months
    I just don't know where to start I promise myself I will start tomorrow calorie count, or do VLCD ( this is what I did before) or 5:2 etc and I just find an excuse, stressful day not been able to drink enough water etc

    I have a few special events coming up and my first family holiday in September .....any words of wisdom ,
    How do you decide on what diet to do ?
    I have pcos and carbs are not good for me , ( love them tho) can't afford a gym time or money, but do love walking,

    thanks in advance
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  3. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Hi wannabesize10 (so do i so do i!!!)

    How are you doing? Have you decided on how you gonna make this journey?

    My choice of diet and the reasons it worked for me:

    I have PCOS as well and am pre diabetic. My body doesnt like carbs at all (feel bloated and ugly everytime I cheat now). I picked Dukan for a number of reasons:

    1. No counting anything (I dont cook and have no patience to weigh and measure and log - actually am plain lazy :p)

    2. Eat as much as you want of the allowed foods - which means eat anytime I'm hungry. Have tried VLCD and couldnt cut it (need to chew). Couldnt imagine being successful on 5:2 or similar as I practically munching on something all day (and would get frustrated).

    With Dukan I have not felt like im missing out on anything, I enjoy eating out as most places offer a grilled (Dukan friendly) option, have even had cheat days during Xmas and New Year (and 4 days last month :p) - but it has not affected my weight loss.

    And with Dukan, you are required to walk 30 min a day - since you love walking this will be easy :)

    All the best in whatever you decide to do... you can do it! xx
  4. wannabesize10

    wannabesize10 Silver Member

    Dear Bonkers

    Thank you for your reply - I am very grateful as I am still struggling this week I have tried to just cut out the c**p and have walked miles ! not really shifted much weight but I know the water weight is starting to shift and it's only been a week ,

    with my body not working good with carbs and like you I tend to need to chew I will dig out my dunkan book

    thank you

    Wannabe xx
  5. steff79

    steff79 Silver Member

    Hey I lost weight through calorie counting I dont even have the excuse I had a baby for gaining weight!! We are the same height and in August I was 10st 8 and a tight size 12 I thought it would be really good to be down to 9st again your target ;) I am now 7st 9 and a size 6 happily maintaining.. I started off excersizing by hill walking with my otherhalf when the dark nights set in and the crappy weather I joined a gym in October am proper addicted now you cant really do lots of gym but maybee the odd night if you can get a sitter you could do the odd class usually you can just pay a fiver for the class as a non member ;) TBH I never thought lower than 9st was possible hence the target but that is before I discovered the gym!! :p am more toned than ive ever been am actually getting abs I have biceps too!! good luck on your journey hun whatever way you choose keep a food diary it keeps you accountable if you write it down I wish I discovered minimins back in August when I felt fat and misrable!! but that was the time I finally stopped buring my head in the sand and jumped on the scales this was also after I had been good for a couple weeks!! so god knows what I weighed a couple of weeks before!! take care hun you can do this!! x
  6. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Hi wannabesize 10

    If you decide to take the plunge with Dukan come over to the Dukan forum - the ladies there are wonderful.
  7. maddyshambles

    maddyshambles Member

    11 stone two isn't even that bad considering! You could lost a stone in six weeks on the 5:2 diet its very easy to do :) good luck

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