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What diet do you follow?

Just thpught f another question
What diet do yu follow?
I am doing weight watchers at the moment,can these go hand in hand or am I best saving my money on ww as I am being weighed every 4 weeks at the dr.
What type of things do you eat?
do you just eat 3 meals a day or snack aswell?
I am vegetarian if anyone can give me any ideas
thanks cdg x
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Not a specific diet plan (I can't always plan my food intake that exactly) calorie counting, low fat and exercise

Basically 3 meals and if i'm at work I have a mid morning, mid afternoon snack.

I also have a treat in the evening after my dinner (and walk)

I think like giving up smoking different things suit different people.

Unfortunately I'm not much of a cook so I can't give you recipe ideas :( but I think there might be a thread somewhere

Good luck! :D
I eat 3 meals a day and have fruit as a snack if I'm hungry.
I'm vegetarian too and make lots of yummy meals using all the different quorn products that are available, some of them will have too much fat in (like the pies and things in batter or breadcrumbs) but plain quorn pieces/mince/meatballs etc can be made into low fat curries, spag bol, chilli con carne, put in a stew, you get the idea! Oh also the quorn ready made cottage pie is a god send when I am too busy/lazy to cook, it's low fat and I add extra veg to it for a filling meal.

Good luck with your weight loss. x
thanks everyone for the replies xx
I can't post links yet, but if you google rosemary conley tv, that's a really good website (with videos on how to make things too). :) xxxxx


cos i need this xxx
i think ww is great with xenical, just watch though cos some lower points stuff can be quite high in unsaturated fats, and xenical doesnt tell the difference between good fat and bad fat! just become a label obsessive and always apply the 5% rule! im going to start a recipe thread soon to post favourite xenical friendly recipes or meal ideas :) good luck mrs :) xxx


cos i need this xxx
yeah, weight watchers points are baed on a combination of calories and saturated fats. saturated fats are the bad kind like meat fats, butters etc etc and unsaturated are like veg oils and olive ois that in moderation arent bad for you. if you're on xenical it doesnt matter what type of fat it is, it gets rid regardless. so if you are following ww just make sure the total fat per meal is less than roughly 15g, not just the saturated fats!


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