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What do do what to do..............


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Since being on cd..13 weeks on ss and the last 2 on ss+ with a meal, after 4 weeks I had problems with my gums and I went to the doctors who did blood tests etc..... nothing came of it....... It then got alot worse my gums were bleeding really badly and so swollen that everyone would say to me your teeth look really different.. I went to the dentist on Friday and he has given me anti biotics and lozengers.... It says to take them with food but because Im not eating as such well I am in the evening.. I have a really upset stomach... I have only been taken them 2 days and I can see a little improvement already.. Would you carry on with them.. I have 2 weeks worth.. I am going for more blood tests next week as contacted my doctor again too..

I have work tomorrow and I am scared Im going to spend the day on the toilet .. my stomach really hurts ..

What would you do ? x
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maybe just eat a little chicken with a shake and a tablet maybe at each meal...can you space your 'evening' meal out over the day so you eat something really tiny all through the day?
Not really sure...does that help at all?


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First of I'm sorry you are feeling poorly can you split you food up have a bar in the morning with tablet then 100 cal at lunch with tablet then another 100 cal meal in evening with other tablet and your shakes of course.

Hope things improve soon Hun
Not sure what to suggest hun, but just wanted to say I hope it goes okay. Sorry you've had such a rough time x

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Hun, why don't you phone/email/text your CDC and see what she suggest you do? Or have you already done that? You're health is important so you really need the right advice.

Sorry to hear you're not well. I hope you get the answer. Perhaps message KD and ask her advice?

Hugs xxx


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I think LizzMB's suggestion is good. The antibiotics are a temporary thing honey and it's really important that you look after your gums/teeth xx


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thanks so much girls...... i will see how I go tomorrow.... I dont really want to disturb my cdc as its not urgent as such. I am in a kind of routine where as I have the chicken in the evening so kind of feel a bit nervous about having it at a differnt time which is silly I know.. Im so structured.. lol.
thanks for all your advice xx


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Not sure what advice I can give Curly, you're probably best speaking to your CDC. Am I right in thinking your CDC on Minimins- could you message her here?

Just wanted to send big hugs, so sorry you're still having a rough time with your gums. Hope you get a more helpful answer soon xx
How you getting on hun?


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oh gosh. Poor you and you gums :hug99:

I can't comment on your own problem, as I just don't know, but shakes usually count as food when taking antibiotics.

People usually just need something to line the stomach, which a shake will do as the body will treat it like food, rather than a drink because of the contents (milk based or whatever)
Curly, i know that certain antibiotics upset tummies more than others. iremember when my dentist gave me amoxycillon(spelling unsure) and i was quite ill with it. so he changed it for me and that was better
Aww no probs hun :) Was diagnosed with gum disease from smoking a few years ago, which is one of the reasons that I gave up.

So have suffered with bleeding gums for a while. Just bought an electric toothbrush and it has really helped. You probably already have one, but if not maybe it would help?

Hope your tummy eases up. It's not fair is it when you're doing something so positive like CD. Glad the gums are improving though :) x

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