What do i do now


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Hi Katie,

Thats really bad news about the diet!!

There are loads of differant diets out there! I would try slimming world or weight watchers, I know lots of people who have lost tons of weight using these plans.....Also you can pick and choose your food so you can avoid the foods that give you allergies!

Hope all goes well :)



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Sorry to read that you cant do CD.

SW and WW are both very good plans to follow, just depends on what you prefer.

I have done both in past (doing WW now to maintain) and I find counting my food in WW points easier and keeps me in control. I prefer the flexibility with WW too, so if I want a treat, if I point it and count it in, I know I can have it.

Good luck with which ever plan you decide to go.

Deb x


Now I cant do CD what shall I do now maybe WW this worked some years ago for me or SW or Calorie counting oh i dont know x

Hey Katie,

Sorry to hear your news. I dunno, I have tried too many diets in the past, and seen to many other people try different diets too get excited about anything much outside of CD. I didnt see your original thread, but why can you not do CD? Before I decided to come back to CD, I had considered a regular low carb diet - and having bought a load of books, I am genuinely interested to see if they work as well - essentially there is no reason why not if, like CD, it is rigidly adhered to. I plan to try this as a maintenence diet (rather than a diet itself) after CD - dunno - I would probably miss some thing too much like the main offendors - Bread, Alcohol etc etc........

Chin up - there is a diet for you, lets face it dieting is as much about your strangth and state of mind as anything else.

The best part is you still seem determined to diet - respect and power to you. If you want it hard enough, you WILL get there.

Good luck



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Is there a Rosemary Conley class near you? I did brilliantly on it (lost 6st) a few years ago.

The easy to follow low GI, low fat diet keeps those 'bad carbs' to a minimum and the exercise class is fab (and really makes a difference to how you shape up as you lose weight). So you kill two birds with one stone, instead of forking out one lot of money for a weight loss class and another lot for an exercise class.

Unfortunately, RC is run on a franchise basis which means there aren't as many classes around as WW or SW.
Here's a link if you want to check if there's a class near you.

Class finder

Anyway, it's just another option for you to think about.:)