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what do i wear?

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There's every possibility i will be going to the Houses of Parliament for a charity seminar.. I really have no idea what to wear.
I'll be arriving in London early enough to have a wander about so footwear that i can walk in is a must... i don't want to have to be carrying bags with shoes etc and the thought of my toes cramped up in shoes horrifies me. I prefer my tone up flip flops that look nice.

Clothes wise.... i have some trousers that although linen do look like denim so arn't too sure if they will be acceptable... do i wear a maxi dress? heellpppppppp i really have no idea what will be acceptable
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You obviously need to wear something you'll feel comfortable in.

I'd go for smart & if you're wearing walking shoes maybe trousers. Seeing as you're going to be losing weight why not take a visit to your local charity shops & see what you can pick up.

Or if you don't want to wear trousers, I'm sure you could fit a pair of shoes in your handbag.

What charity & when is it?
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I have massive feet, Happy Holidays, size 8 lol so i'd need a big bag! wish i could lose weight of those plates of meat hehe.

The charity is a cancer charity and i don't want to turn up too posh... too summery... really i haven't a clue on the etiquate.
I work in London & i keep a pair of fold up ballet pumps in my bag just in case. Take up very little room & completely worth the tennner i paid for them! I wear a suit most days, but remember that the houses or parliament is open to the public (ie tourists) so you don't need to dress up to look like you belong hun x
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Right so shoes in a bigger bag it is and walk around in somfy shape up sandals... but what to wear on the rest of my body... is a maxi summer dress wrong do you think?
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Thank You.. i sound like a teenager don't i but i really don't want to embarrass anyone and especially myself xx


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I would wear the maxi dress and a really nice cardigan in a bright colour if the dress is pretty plain. I have a black maxi dress and a really bright pink cardi to wear with it.

Hope you have a really nice day!!!!:D
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My dress is navy and white and i'll have a dinky cardy with me too.. Thanks for all your help xx
I spent a lot of time in the House of Commons when I was working, and one thing no-one tells you is that in the lobbies and public areas it is cold! So make sure you do have something like a nice cardigan or a jacket for your arms. On the other hand, the smaller rooms can be very stuffy, so don't wear anything too heavy.

The other thing to remember is although it is a large grand and imposing building, it is a place of work for the people there. Be impressed - that's what it is there for! - but don't be intimidated. You are there for a reason, and so is everyone else - it isn't a fashion show and people will be far more interested in you and what you have to say, than in how you look.

Wear something reasonably smart, but also comfortable. Something that you can put on and forget about. If you want to wear trousers that's fine - I always did (I think the last time I owned a skirt was some time in the 70s!).

Remember that you will have to go through security when you get there, so allow time for that (there are sometimes queues), and be prepared for someone to rummage through your bag. But the Westminster security staff are really nice - not like airline security!

Do have a wonderful time - it is a fascinating place.


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Personally I would want to be smart.

It is so good for the inner woman to know and to feel good.

When I know I look good, I walk better am more confident and assured.
Your maxi dress accessorised sounds good.

Most of all enjoy your day,

hugs xxxx

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