What do you all think of this


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Was looking up ketosis online and the following came up from the nhs site. What do you all think?


As your body starts to break down fat, rather than glucose, the levels of ketone in your blood will begin to rise. Ketones are toxic (poisonous), acidic chemicals such as:
  • acetone,
  • acetoacetate, and
  • beta-hydroxybutyrate.
If left to build up, ketones can increase the acidity levels of your blood, which can affect your urine, and may eventually cause serious damage to your liver and kidneys.
Your body may try to get rid of the excess amount of acetone through your lungs, which can give your breath a sweet, fruity smell that is sometimes mistaken for alcohol.
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Not 100% but i'm guessing that's probably when someone completely starves themself maybe? Because we have the shakes and drink so much water it must keep the ketones under control. I could just be talking absolute rubbish but i'm sure we shouldn't panic about it. Take it to your chemist see what they say. HTH


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Ahh this makes sense to me, I ended up jaundise in hospital after 6 months on LT.
They said something about my liver enzimes being all over the place but the doc wasn't against LT at all.
It caused gall stone attacks too so if anyones staying on it for 6months or more do speak to your doc!


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I remember someone talking about this way back when i first started...and but i think the ketones that the quote is talking for is the type the diabetics get?
I could be totally wrong...
But i dont understand why a pharmacy/doctors, would allow people to go on a diet which could be dangerous.

One more thing..this diet makes your breath smell something rotten... not a
a sweet, fruity smell that is sometimes mistaken for alcohol.
lol :)


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Different type of ketosis

Hi guys,
diabetic ketosis is completely different to the ketosis we get into on this diet. Diabetic ketosis is about the lack of insulin in the body to convert sugars from food into usable energy. When we are on this diet the ketones are produced as a by product of the chemiacl reaction from converting fat into usable sugars to use as energy. The ketones then come out in your urine - hence the need for water to flush the system.
Diabetics tend to have problems with their kidneys also so can't flush the ketones out as easily.
The gall stones are from the lack of fat in the diet and yes are a risk on this diet but no-one died from a gall stone whereas being obese will significantly shorten your life - well thats the way I look at it anyway. Hope that helps xx


Size 14 here i come!
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Actully i suffered with gallstones badly before i 1st did LT and as soon as i started it and lost 4st i never had 1 attack. I put 2st back on and had 2 attacks which convinced me to start LT again. So it worked the opposite way for me, obviously it's being overweight which kick start them for me.


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Yeah that's why my doc wasn't against LT at all cos gallstones can be caused by either too much fat or too little fat AND by losing weight fast or putting on weight fast, so i was f*cked either way lol!

I still heart LT!
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I love ketones lol Being in ketosis is great!


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yeah i heard that its only dangerous if you dont rid your body of all the ketones, but with all the water we drink it flushes out the ketones so they dont build up. i think were ok tbh, its been on the nhs for almost 40 years or something so i guess it has to work and be alright for you! its extreme yes but other than that if were careful and know how our bodie responds to things we should all be ok. x


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While people who advocate low-carbohydrate diets say there is nothing wrong with a body going into ketosis, there are those who believe that carbs are necessary for proper body function and that ketosis is a signal that the body isn't functioning properly.

They say the excess ketones and acetone produced by the body during ketosis are actually dangerous poisons that can lead to toxicity.

There is, in fact, a form of ketosis known as ketoacidosis, which affects diabetics and is potentially life threatening. Because their bodies lack insulin, blood glucose can build up in a diabetic's body, leading to excessive urination, thirst, dehydration and the burning of fat. It also lowers the pH of the blood, which can be dangerous.

However, the sort of ketosis that the body goes through in low-carb dieting is not this harmful type. In fact, advocates of this type of diet will tell you that the heart, kidneys and some other organs prefer the energy that comes from ketosis to that formed by glucose.

They say that the body does not actually need to consume glucose to properly function, and any glucose that is needed in the body can be manufactured from protein in the liver.