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What do you do on WI Days

I have my first group WI tomorrow night and i'm a little nervous, I've been really good all week (i'm not acknowledgingmy mid week blip) but i'm not really sure what to do food wise tomorrow as WI is at 7pm. Would it be best to eat normal? or to not eat after 3pm?

I just really want a good loss!!
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Oh .. ermmm not sure what everyone else does...

Me I would say eat as normal as you will only be what you are if that makes sense... if you loose some it will show next week.

But I don't go to a club... good luck anyway and I am sure someone will be along soon to help you out with what they do.


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I eat minimal amounts. I dont eat any carbs cos I find I hold onto water when I do. I usually have something light at lunch and try not to eat anything before WI. It probably makes hardly any difference but you never know!


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whatever you do just make sure its what you stick to every week so if you have your normal meals do that every week and it won't make any difference. Good luck x


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I WI at 9.30 in the morning and I just have one coffee when I get up and before I go to WI. I do the same thing each week and wear the same clothes (washed obviously lol). That way I get a true record of any loss.

Years ago when I got WI in the evening, I'd have breakfast and lunch and a mid afternoon snack (yogurt) otherwise I felt light headed and a bit off it by the time I got weighed. Then when I got home I was so hungry I could have eaten the contents of the kitchen, including the sink! LOL

Good luck with your WI :)


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hiya my weigh in is at 10am so i quite lucky
i have a couple of mugs of tea and then go to wi then whilst its image therapy i have a hi fi bar to tide me over till i get home and then i have bacon, eggs tomatoes and mushrooms
i wear the lightest clothes possible lol
there is people in our class that have thursdays off (wi day) but ican't do it, if i overdo it thursday no doubt i will continue it for days lol
my advice would be to eat superspeed foods as much as you can before WI
Mine is 5:30pm and i usually have a normal breakfast, a light lunch or a salad or a sandwich, then a yogurt at about 2:30ish and nothing after that, also sipping water throughout the day but not drinking after 4pm lol. And i also go to WI in the same clothes each week.

Christ i sound like i've got an OCD... the things we do eh? xx
i eat hardly anything a cereal bar a muller light maybe a little piece of chicken.
I can do it because i know after class there's a nice fat kebab or something waiting for me.
I have one night off a week but can get back into diet mode the next day with no problems.
I always have soup for lunch on WI day... as I hope I can wee it out before 6.30pm, but as some one else said - aslong as you do the same thing every week then it doesn't matter if you eat / drink or don't! x

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