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What do you do to keep yourself busy!!!

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well im currently on maternity leave so you wud think havin a small baby i would be busy busy busy but not really once you get into routine jobs done. so now its that time of the year im now in my green house seeding and replanting and stuff so now i have something to keep me busy in between school runs housework and looking after charlie so im happy now not thinking about the dreaded you know what so much.. so what do you do?????:hmm:
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Hi Monique
I try and get stuck into cleaning the house and sorting out old clothes etc to keep busy. My friend who lost 7 and a half stone on LT used to go out early evening (as they were the worst times for her), and look round the shops - think I might start doing that :D:)


Here we go again!
Logging on here early evening helps me. I work all week so not really a problem during the day, although I am on here all day at work too! During the weekends I have the housework and other jobs to do. Also reading more, which I enjoy. Just bought a couple of books to take away on hols with me.
Def reading helps and being on here, Marian Keys has a new book out this Charming Man just finished it was fantastic really enjoyed it. Other than that I have 3 kids to run around after so school runs and stuff during the day its the evenings that are hard but now I have more energy I will be going back to the gym in the evenings. Good Luck
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I too am on maternity leave (only for another 2weeks though) i busy myself with general housework but if i find i have nothing to do i get my cross stitch out ( making one for my little boys birth weight/time etc) because it needs alot of concentration it takes my mind right off the dreaded hunger!


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At the minute I am working full time and having to complete some uni work so got lots to do, but keep sneaking on here for a break.
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buying stuff on ebay
being on here
when i'm home, i'm going to start going for a walk in an evening


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Walk the dog
paint my nails......
Can you tell I'm not in ketosis yet? lol


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I make jewellery as I have a jewellery business. I find this helps as well as sitting with a huge glass of water.

Afternoons and night were always my awful times for eating, although I think without a doubt that I was just thirsty.


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I plan online games lolz ;]


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I keep looking at clothes on the internet, and imagining myself in them when I've lost the weight!


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Im on here as soon as I walk through the door from work!
Today was really hard as forgot to put my shake in my bag, I was gutted.:cry:
Just having it now and am feeling much better.

Apart from that I usually go for walk with my partner and we usually go for a coffee (black) or a tea in starbucks which is nice. It wastes about an hour or so.
The only down side is looking at all the sandwiches whilst I wait!
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I get out loads of books from the library, I love chick-lit stuff and like nothing more than curling up with a book, after I've done all the housework. I work full time too, and I especially love cooking for my OH and get really disappointed if he tells me not to bother, he'll rustle up an omelette......weird or what??????


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All sorts! I work full time, with a lot of travel involved (only this country, nothing glam!) so there are some pretty boring evenings on my own in hotels. I tend to watch TV (or DVD on laptop), or now it's light go out for a walk. Am also doing open university, so theres a lot of work for that. If i'd had this job pre-LT i would have piled on the weight with hotel/restaurant dinners, breakfasts and general snacking. So that'#s another tick in the box for LT ;)

When i'm at home I tidy, clear out old too-big clothes (wahoo!), read, watch TV, persuade friends to go out for non-food or drink related things like cinema, shopping, bowling, country walks.

At the moment I'm also planning a revamp of my back yard, so i've got somewhere nice to sit out on a summer evening and have my chilled chocolate shake or a cheeky sparkling water.

Am also taking more of an interest in fashion/beauty now i'm getting that bit more confident as well as slimmer. Can't wait to fit into average high street sizes and am perusing the mags already to find out what i might like/suit.


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I make jewellery as I have a jewellery business. I find this helps as well as sitting with a huge glass of water.
Oooo what kind of jewellery do you make? How much do your items range from?

To keep myself busy, I just try and live my life as normally as I can.
I go out to meet friends, I watch films, I do Karaoke. I go to a Drama Class on Friday evenings and I generally just faff about doing randomness! lol! Reading has become a part of my life too hehe!


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I try on all the clothes that I've had in my wardrobe that I bought for when I loose weight, only now they are starting to fit me! Some are even loose!

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