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What do you do to relax when you are stressed out?

I am feeling very stressed at the moment as things seem really hectic and not enough hours in the day. Don't seem to get 5 mins peace and whereever I look theres something to do! All part of being a working mum of 3 and having just mo ved house I know but wondered if anyone had any tips to shre on how I can chill the beep out??
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I used to eat. I found that was my stress thing. Now I have a bath instead with aromatherapy oils in, clary sage and geranium, that really helps me.
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I used to bake a cake if I was stressed out, now I go for a walk in the countryside or take my bike out. Or if I am feeling angry about something, I do some push-ups (really lame, but somehow makes you feel emotionally strong as well as physically...:eek:)

Another thing I do is make some herbal tea and sit in my comfy armchair with a book (or a trashy magazine, depending on how high-brow I'm feeling).

Or I play the piano: I'm really rubbish but it's very relaxing.

Or, and this always works but is probably the lamest one so far: I clean the bathroom...makes me feel like I've achieved something, plus if I've got bleach and rubber gloves on my hands, I can't use them to put chocolate in my mouth!

I also used to do progressive relaxation, it's a kind of guided meditation you do with a CD player. My neurologist prescribed it for my migraines and they went away for ever!

It's so important to have alternative ways of dealing with stress...but it can be really hard to break old habits of comfort eating.



Put the kettle on
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Getting out for a walk always helps me relax. Less about the exercise and more for getting some fresh air and seeing some of the countryside.


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I don't do relaxed, its a word that seems to be missing from my vocabulary, always stressing about something!

I used to comfort eat, now I just stop, sit & count my blessings not my problems :)
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I make sure I always get some time to myself which is usually after 9pm when OH has gone to bed. I sit on the settee with a glass of wine & either relax & watch tv or read a book. Sometimes I put candles on & just think about nothing.

I always do housework in the morning (I'm a morning person) and only clear things from tea in the evening everything else HAS to wait until tomorrow.

It's hard to break away from thinking this, that & the other need doing but once you do it is very easy to keep going.
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I ask my OH to take LO out for a walk and I just do whatever I want.. whether indulging on minimins, catching up online on my fav programes, read a fashion magazine.. or just lay on the sofa doing nothing..
I love my morning shower as well.. i use some nice products (exfoliate, hair and face mask..etc) pretend that im in a spa! and it makes me look and feel better afterwards..

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