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What do you do to your stir fry??

Other than chucking some soy sauce in, I'm stumped! lol. I;ve tried adding spices before, but they always end up that grainy way, if you know what I mean.

I don't really want to syn ridiculously on some of the sauces you can get. Need some jazzy ideas?? :D


Nojo on the YoYo
boil wholewheat noodles in chicken stock, drain and save some of the stock water. In a separate pan, fry up some chicken, mushrooms, spring onion, mange tout, baby corn, grated ginger root and add a little of the noodle water and simmer til it becomes almost dry and sticky.

Put noodles in a frying pan or wok and fry them up with frylight, adding a little beaten egg so that the egg sticks to the noodles in little clumps.

Mix your sticky veg and chicken mix with the noodles.

Et voila. Ginger chicken and spring onion noodle stir fry.
Ooohh, great idea Vixxster!! Shall be giving that a bash. I love soy and garlic too....but I am getting bored with it I'm afraid. I need a wee change and then I'm sure I'll champing at the bit for a bit of soy and garlic again!! lol x
After I've stir-fried my veg (with a little soy sauce), before I dish it out I stir through some sweet chilli sauce (1 tbsp = 1 1/2 syns). About 2 tbsps does a pan full of stir-fry.
Loads of great ideas....thanks ladies!! I will go have a look for the grinder as well. Does anyone know how many syns averagely a Blue Dragon sachet is? xx

P.S I really, really am going to have to join online if I'm not going to go back to class....it's so frustrating not being able to check my syns!! lol xx
oyster and spring onion sachet 7.5 syns
black bean 5.5 syns

tbh i find buying a bottle of oyster sauce tastier and a lot less syns
I usually use chicken stock and soy sauce, really does add to the flavour.
It's a bit late as you've already shopped but I absolutely love the flavours in the recipe from last months mag. Think it's chicken chow mein, I do it on a green day with masses of noodles and quorn rather than chicken and add more veg. In fact it's not really the recipe I follow, just the spices and sauces. Really tasty though!

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