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What do you do when you're hungry?

I've been doing Cambridge sole source for aboyt 4 weeks now and everyone keeps saying how now that i'm in ketosis I shouldn't feel hunger. Whilst I admit that my appetite is reduced I do still get hunge pangs and still miss food. I usually deal with it by distracting myself, drinking more or if i'm desperate i'll have another pack...i'm just wondering what everyone else does when they feel hungry or have a food craving to help get through until the feeling has passed?
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Mad as a Hatter
For some people, ketosis does not take away hunger, it just diminishes it... which is probably what you are experiencing.
If I get pangs, I tend to pour myself some water and have a good long drink - or make myself a coffee etc.
If I get hungry at night I have an early night - never slept as much as when I am on CWP

try painting your nails, having a long bath, reading a magazine with a coffee or anything to keep your mind occupied and your head out of the fridge !

Hope that helps



Gone fishing
I would go out for a walk.....drink more water/black tea....but my fav thing was the arcade section of minimins
Blimey Sonkie! Fancy seeing you here! And blimey (again) look at that adorable little girl in your avatar. Well I'll be jiggered..wow. Didn't seem long ago you were pregnant. She's a beauty, bless her.

Keep drinking the water and keep busy and occupied with other things, focus on why you are doing the plan and all the benefits it is bringing. Hang on in there it is worth it. :)
Had a lapse but getting back on track today. Will try out all of your suggestions to get me over the wall back into ketosis.
if i have a slip i find myself quickly chewing food and spitting it out ! weird i no but im still losing 4lb a week , and saying that i aint done that for a while gd luck
I do my crafts or have an early night :)

Teatime is my hardest when i am feeding 5-9 children, i have found myself many times just about to put something in my mouth, it just shows how much i ate out of habit and not because i am actually hungry :)

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