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What do you do with your hands?

I'm back on the wagon but finding bordom a problem I'm a terrible boredom eater! I only work 4 hours in the evening so I have the whole day free. Today I've had a bit of a clear out, put some washing in and all sorts of household stuff but I'm still feeling the need to eat, I'm not hungry so I refuse to eat anything!
What do you do to keep your hands busy? Any suggestions very welcome!
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I love using the PC and I love art so I use Photoshop a lot and have a graphics tablet. I also love reading and I make jewellery too, I use polymer clay to make beads and I love metalwork too, making clasps, hammering, adding patina etc.

I'm a boredom eater too, so keeping busy and occupied is a must for me. Do you have any hobbies?
I have to say I'm not as creative as you my dear! Wowee! I could play online games for hours but it's not a very good use of time and I could go for a walk but if I did that everytime I felt like eating I'd be on my feet 24 hrs a day lol
watch movies... chickflicks and humour should do the trick! ring up friends? before you know it an hour or two will fly by! put some music on and do some dancing? it'd be a great way to lose weight if nothing else... read magazines/books.. should make you feel like wanting to lose weight what with all the stick thin celebs you'll see read about, in the magazine anyway.. not so much so in the books. Hope i was some help!
I'm gonna sound like a virtuous Miss Goody-two-shoes but... exercise! Seriously, even if it's just getting out for a walk. It's one of the only things that takes my mind off cravings, and the endorphin release also makes you feel really positive, that you're doing something good for yourself :)
Reading, Facebook, going for a walk :) Listening to music!
sugar_lipswales said:
I'm in a bit of a depression so I'm in an exercise slump but I'm going to try and get out for a walk, even if it's just for 10 mins to make me feel better :(
I've suffered with depression before and I really recommend getting out and about as much as you can, it doesn't cure all but it lifts your spirits somewhat. Hope you feel better soon x
It makes me feel a bit like an old lady but I love doing tapestry/cross stich. I find even when I watch TV I have to do something else as well and this keeps me going.

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