What do you do?


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I tend to have 4 packs a day except when I am working long shifts I will have 3 packs plus a low carb meal (I also have a few nuts to munch on too :(, to help me through a night shift when the others are munching on chocolate/toast/sandwiches).

I was wondering if we could still lose the same amount of weight if we had 4 packs plus a low carb meal? I am craving an omelette (so much talk on here about them lol) But also would like 4 packs along with it.

What you guys do?
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I don't think a low carb meal would be too bad. You are allowed up to 200g of certain veg on 4 a day so even if you decided not to have the meal you could maybe have carrot sticks or something to munch on (I don't know if carrots are on the accepted veg list but you get the idea).


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I believe the losses are the same when comparing the simplicity (4 packs) and the lifestyle (3 packs + low carb meal) plans. I would imagine having an additional meal would slow things down a bit but not sure how much by. When I did this last time, I had a few hungry days that I got through by having an extra pack (so having 5 instead of 4) - usually it was for a few days in a row and I didn't notice any difference at all in my losses.

I do the 4 packs a day simply because one of the reasons why this works for me is that is complete eliminates the need to think and plan! I have a set time period that I am going to do SnS for (10 weeks) after which I will have at least a month off before going onto SnS for another set period of time (it will be shorter) or doing a LCD. Having a set time help me cope with complete lack of normal food.

This is a typical day for me:

7.30 am - porridge pack
1.30 pm - chocolate shake
6.00 pm - Meal pack + 200g broccoli/cauliflower (I use the frozen - again for ease!)
9.30 pm - Bar

Throughout day - 150 ml skimmed milk to use in coffee/tea. I also drink coke zero - often more than two cans a day but I *try* to keep away from it for the sake of my teeth etc.

I am basically doing what I did last time I did SnS for 9 weeks.
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I've probably had the most days with 4 packs and a meal than 3 and a meal or a straight 4 packs. I'm not losing tons each week, but it's coming off - upping your cals will definitely slow it down, but I've kind of figured that it doesn't slow me down anywhere near as much as throwing in the towel and ordering a pizza.

I do truely believe that if it's taken you your whole life to get to this point, then it's going to take a lot of unravelling to undo all that, so if a ketosis friendly meal keeps you there, and you are fine with slower losses then it's ok for you :)


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As long as it was just the eggs It would be fine... negligable carbs so wont affect ketosis!!! X